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"Why do you have a knife in your closet, Ed?" Eddy asked, looking at the knife. Ed lifted his hand in the air and pointed his index finger up,"That's because mother made me food and I kept it in my closet." Ed said, letting his hand fall after he said. Eddy looked at Ed,"That's why I found it in a plate full of moldy food." He said back to Ed, who laughed when Eddy reminded him. Eddy then faced me, grinning as he gripped the knife in his hand hard. "You wanna hit me with chains huh? Well how about I cut you to death." Eddy said to me, sticking the edge against my neck. It touched my skin but didn't cut it, he was scaring me. Eddy was laughing like a insane killer. If he was trying to scare me, he did one heck of a job.

Seriously WTF was Uwe Boll thinking :weird:

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