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San Andreas Multiplayer Help Thread


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FOr some reason the acess violation thing happens, just use the fix, sometime in Vista I get that when quitting so I use TaskMan to force quit/end task..

I do the same, that error is pretty ennoying, but in about 20 seconds it dissapears ... Lucky that patches save the day ...

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I've got 2 problems:

1. Until 2 days ago I could connect to all the servers but now I can't connect anywhere. It says 'Connection failed. Restarting...' and it continues.

Could someone tell me what's the problem. Is my internet connection or the server's conection?

2.I've built my own server and all the cars are in Las Venturas, in the other two cities there is nothing. And I don't know wheter to change somethin in the config file or add a script somewhere or something else.

I appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

by the way this is my first post here. :thumbsup::hi::D

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