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San Andreas Multiplayer Help Thread


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right i have installed sa-mp 0.2.2 and i have done the downgrade but it said (nothing to do files already updated) so i click on samp and no servers and it will not let me click connect.

well thats nothing to do with your sa version. if you had 1.1 or later samp wouldn't run at all. sounds like a connection problem.

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You may not like this reason but, its on the hatin ass eastside.

I would sooner have Rockstar spend the time they spent on that in making San Andreas (stories) for PSP.

Plus, its only on nextt gen systems which I dont have. I only own modded consoles.

Bold 1: San Andreas Stories won't be created, they've been working more on GTA IV which is probably going to be more better than San Andreas.

Bold 2: Buy one then.

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I dont think GTA4 is better than San Andreas. Rockstar has ****ed me over, do I am not going to buy anything of theirs.

Also, I dont have a credit card.

UPDATE: well now I was lucky (only got cuz I was lucky) and got a modded Xbox ORIGNAL, NOT 360!) But that wont play GTA IV, not that I really want to...

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