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GTA IV Trailer Countdown!


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Well, I really enjoy all of the trailers, but I gotta agree with you man, the GTA III trailer is probably the best trailer, it brings out more feelings if you know what I mean. The music is beautiful and it was the first game that used 3D graphics in the GTA-series so yeah man, definitely GTA III, a classic man.

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Yeah that's right man, not too much you know, but don't worry, I'm sure R* knows what they're doing, and just look at the other trailers, they're great, they didn't reveal too much or anything like that, so sit back, relax and have a good time :) Soon there is only one week until the trailer is out.

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I actually like the GTA III trailer most, what about you guys?

The GTA III trailer has a weird ass song but makes me want to buy it since I've actually never played it but since it's so old now, I doubt it's in stores anymore.

The Vice City trailer went slow but picked up as the trailer went on. That was great.

The San Andreas trailer really got dramatic on the last 20 seconds.

The Liberty City Stories trailer was excellent and really cought me in playing it again. Though, that was the PS2 trailer.

The Vice City Stories trailer was the best in music choice. Not really as dramatic but gained the feel of Vice City again. I need to watch the VCS PS2 trailer and see what it has.

I think the GTA IV trailer might start boring but get dramatic in the last parts of it.

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8 days 16 hours 32 minutes....

All the trailers were cool...Here`s my list:

1.GTA San Andreas Trailer -awesome soundtrack "Jungle Fever" by The Chakachas,cool clips....

2.GTA Vice City Stories Trailer-the soundtrack of the trailer fit perfectly with the action inside...

3.GTA III Trailer-cool

4.GTA Vice City Trailer-cool but for a game like VC it could of been better

5.GTA Liberty City Stories Trailer-not to cool

Only more than a week to find out if the GTA 4 Trailer will be better...

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You can buy GTA III on most of the online gaming stores. OGTAM, you got a point there, and yeah man I've been thinking about it too. R* has never released a trailer this early, why? Maybe it's because of the enormous hype? But wasn't the hype for GTA III also pretty damn big? Well I hope it's going to show as much as the past GTA trailers, but we'll see. If this is just a small trailer or something, the next up-coming trailer will probably be the real deal.

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Yep and gta 4 is going to have some compitition with the up and coming Driver 5. I gess thats compitition.

Are you crazy? GTA IV will have NO competition. NOTHING!

Rockstar has the unbeatable recept for the almight GTA and no matter how hard other people try, it can NOT live up to the GTA series.

Untill now, every GTA release has been awarded to "Game Of The Year". And so will GTA IV.

Go R*!

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