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GTA IV Trailer Countdown!


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The date that the game trailer is released were going on holidays for two weeks with No internet connection. So im glad were going in the night or id be glad to get back from holidays. but i still have to live through 6 hours of school knowing the trailers out :o ................unless i use there computers but id have to try not get caught :lol::lol:

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So how many people do you actually think will be watching that Trailer at the exact same time? Thousands, Millions? I will be on it, clicking the refresh button until it comes on.

The trailer could also give us hints of the next location, any famous landmarks? A billboard saying "Welcome to ...". There is so many possibilities :s

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Do you think it's going to be 12:00 AM on the 29th that they'll release it? I have school the next day...maybe missing a Friday won’t be that bad. I would have had off on that Friday, but my school has had too many snow days.... son of a bitch school district.

EDIT: Hmmm, totally forgot about the time zones...shit.

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Here are some videos I made.

GameSpot wants the GTA:IV trailer early:


Peter Moore (Xbox 360 guy) wants the trailer early:


Neil asks Mr. Houser for a real exclusive:


A fan isn't too happy about the trailer. It just said coming soon and faded to back. A crazed fan grabs Mr. Houser and sings for him!:


More to come soon?

If you want to make your own videos, go to http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.php?lang=uk

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