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    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Crap! They arent posting! 1 sec
  2. 7.62mm

    He's banned but...rich?

    Lol. All confusing!!
  3. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Trailer#2 Analysis

    Seen this b4 Nice though. Loved watching it again
  4. 7.62mm

    Sexual Preference

    Im straight I got the best girl in the world
  5. I was browsing the internet. I do not know how this even came up. I saw a car accident. Not really the accident.. I should say the aftermath.. of a person. If you know what I am talking about.. I beg you not to show a photo. This has really upset me and I do not know why. Everytime I drive I think of this. I have bad anxiety.. So I am constantly worrying.. Enough of that though. This has really scared me to drive. Just very disturbing images, some people may think I am a jackass and a wuss, or maybe even a chicken shit.. I know one thing though. I have a heart. It really hurts me to see stuff like that. Is it normal? It;s been in my head since February. Never can get it out. Once again I ask very nicely not to post the image (images) on here if you do no what I am talking about. Thanks. Guys can you help me out here.
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    GTA IV Trailer 1 Re-make

    Oh well this is cool but I am about ready for some new Info Anyways great job hey
  7. 7.62mm

    What are you listening to right now?

    Michael Jackson- The way you make me feel ^-^
  8. How can oblivion fita fuckin DVD then, n00b? Oblivion is bigger than GTA, n00b. Therefore GTAIV can fit on a DVD n00b, for the same reason it can be played on a 360, n00b. To conclude: You ain't got a fuckin clue what you're on about. LMAO! If it does come out for PC it will be talked about months after the 360 and PS3 ones come out
  9. 7.62mm


    Try puting the link in again buddy
  10. All of the GTA's since 3 have been on PC, I also if I am correct.. Gta 2 was even on PC wasn't it? I know it was on PS1 too
  11. 7.62mm

    What are you listening to right now?

    In my hood-50 cent
  12. 7.62mm

    New IV Release Date(s)

    THis seems accurate because I got a call from EB Games that when we pre ordered it they rescheduled it for march.
  13. 7.62mm

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Lol man! No you didn't! I DID! LOL I just told you that on MSN! O well you steal my post. Btw I said Eb games
  14. 7.62mm

    What do you want to be when your older?

    Sniper - Denver S.W.A.T team
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    I wouldnt waste your time on any of that Ubuntu crap man. I used that it's a huge waste of time and wrecks yur windows pretty much.
  16. 7.62mm

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Didn't they say neither console had anything to do with the delay of gta IV? At least GTA 4 will all be polished more. Maybe more gameplay.. Maybe more cool stuff
  17. 7.62mm

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Well I guess if it's for the better I can wait
  18. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Delayed!

    At least we are promised a sweet as game. Just have to wait till next year?!
  19. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Delayed!

    guys its probably for the PS3 version since they werent really done with that. They are probably searching for bugs, maybe adding a better multiplayer?
  20. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Delayed!

    WTF!? Awww jesus!
  21. Article There you go folks! Hope this isn't old. I am doing alot of research and just found this today.
  22. 7.62mm

    What if Grand Theft Auto was this real?

    What do you mean man?
  23. Naw man it was announced pretty early no returning characters would be in Wish tommy came back.
  24. Yea. I just remember alot of people saying that they were worried weapons like that would be taken out because of realism.