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  1. arent they all the same file anyway. thats what it looks like in the picture you posted. im a bit lost as to why you are trying to do this ?
  2. yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhh whhhhhhhaaaaaaat lol. Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) - Chuckie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxqcTx14_18
  3. http://stevethomson.ca/vi/ google is your friend.
  4. WRX22B1998

    Bad Company 2

    i played it for like 2min on PS3. weird weird weird controls. R2 = knife. wtf is that?
  5. yeah likely the problem is downgrade or your getting a savefile for the wrong version, or you're trying to load a 100% save file with a script mod installed already. or maybe something else
  6. Jack Beats Radio One Essential Mix (~2h) freakin' sweet.
  7. lol rapidshare? i was gonna suggest, you can use a rca -> 3.5mm adapter and then plug that into your pc to record it from the PS2 but you already found that file so yeah
  8. its your video card (9400) not your CPU most likely. upgrade your video card first to something new eg ATi 5770 or nVidia GTX260. Then if it's still laggy put the settings down or you can upgrade your CPU if you want.
  9. actually ur cheeeating... not as funny as my cousins friend, he messaged him on PSN "im 10th prestige now" (yesterday he was 1st prestige) derp.
  10. where did you get it from? try use SUPER to convert it to mp3 or something, its weird ive never seen any music files of that type, did you copy it straight off a game DVD or CD or something?
  11. we cant send you those files, its against the rules. just reinstall your san andreas then the originals will be back
  12. heartbeat sensor so jew lol. oh DLC awesomeeeeee. oh damn no Bloc, that was my friends favourite map (for sniping), too bad. should be good i wonder how much it'll cost.
  13. can't upload it, its against the rules. reinstall your game
  14. Nah I'll explain my name


    Basically, 22B was a special version of WRX made in 1998 and ummm yeah thats pretty much it. Was my favourite car at the time when I made this account (and other emails etc) and from then I just used that as a online ID for most stuff.


  15. you mean just that colour or sparkly as well or what? not sure you'd go about it that way, it'd make more sense to just make a model for sabre turbo, unless you want the original shape. not sure how you'd be able to replace the sabre turbo with infernus. either way you need to make a totally new model because of the custom paint. look here http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/9119-tutorialzmodelerhow-to-make-cars-full-guide
  16. Thats why you stay away from the airport I played GTA4 online a little but not heaps. Anyway back on topic, I made a "stealth" class the other day I do OK with it. M16A4 w/holographic + silencer SPAS12 w/grip + silencer Frag Flash Bling Pro Stopping Power Pro Ninja Pro It's pretty good, but the SPAS12 has horrible range cos of the silencer, basically only works if you're ~3m or less away. But its good cos of the silent footsteps and undetectable on heartbeat sensor.
  17. could be a corrupt file or a problem with your burner can you burn other stuff? or nothing works?
  18. it IS a good game after all gta4 online is fun ive played it a few times.
  19. this happened yesterday, i had my killstreaks set on heli, emergency airdrop and pavelow, got all three, then got all the stuff from the airdrop sent it all in, then my game sent me back to the lobby with that message. so lame.
  20. So you're gonna backup an image of your entire computer and upload it to the net? That will take so so so long...wouldnt it? Zshare, Zippyshare, yousendit, there's tons of those things. but they usually have a file size limit (100mb i think) and especially ones like rapidshare where it will limit how much you can download with that IP in some time would be pretty shit. backup software hmm ntbackup XD
  21. I think it'd be cool but first I think they're gonna do a re-make of vice city. that iam looking forward to.
  22. set it to run before startup, so go to command prompt (run > cmd) then type chkdsk c: /f it should say it cant dismount the volume, thats fine because windows is running off it. it'll do it next time you restart. that message is popping up because you have some corrupt files. how old is that computer? maybe the hard disk is having problems?
  23. they dont go in a folder, generally they replace different files. refer to the readme included with the mod for more info on it. vehicle mods change txd and dff in the gta3.img script mods uses the main.scm file others might be different so as i said look in the readme
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