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  1. Sorry bro not yet, if i see any I will inform you, my psp is recharging right now.
  2. Well I picked the game up today, and after 4 hours of play I am making my report on it. Gta Lcs To start off, the games first mission is similar to that of gta 3, where you have to get to your safe house to get a new outfit, well I am sure you all remember the old street in saint marks that was destroyed, well that happens to be your safe house, and might I add it is a fine one at that, you can acctually go inside,it has a save point , health heart, and you can see out the windows. The graphics are better than gta 3 but a litte under vice city. At the portland docks and the site of the tunnel their are angered boat workers who are rioting about the new tunnel baecause it will make them loose their jobs, oddly enough they will attack you . Remember the syndaco family from sanandreas?, they happen to be one of your rival gangs. The place that has the bf injection spawn point in gta3 is currently being built in lcs, The bridge is under construction also. The music is pretty much the same type as last time The wepons: I have found a few nice wepons in the game that include, A hachet a meat cleaver, the ak47, and the shout gun to name a few. A nice new feature, the ability to sprint with wepons such as the ak47 and shot gun.. The controls. Ont the d-pad Down = the horn up = toggle missions left&right change the radio. To look side to side, simply hold R or L (shoulder buttons) Then use the anolog stick to move the camera around. A cockadoodle do its time for chicken, Yup the clucking bell is also in lcs. also ads for a movie called main frame which has sanandreas peds as the stars (kinda neat) The water does still kill you The health is like that of sanandreas, you must get it to upgrade as the game goes one. The disk includes a 2.00 psp upgrade along with net browser. This concludes my first lcs report Warning may contain typos
  3. I have lcs in my hands , I will post my reviews on it tonight after i rape my psp.
  4. I wil be getting the game today or tomorrow, i will posts some reviews on it later. Dont you just love that new gta smell? Ign has some great info, I take it the cheats will pop up in a few months.
  5. Look you never make a leaving topic..just take breaks every now and then, sky does it all the time ..hehe.
  6. Its sad, not a damn one of my friends have a psp, Look like I will not be getting to play multiplayer. :'(
  7. You look like your about to kill some one mike 10/10
  8. Well, I suppose five outfits its better than nothing. its like vice city woo.
  9. You need to add that spaz spaming ?? not possible. ( Why do I feel like a fucktard posting here?)
  10. gtapsp.com said there would be no multiplayer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well my boys say otherwise Rockstar/lcs.com Multiplayers going to be leet as hell. 8 more days.
  11. You mention that one more time and you're getting hell for it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Spaz chill out Damn dont let it go to your head.
  12. See yah steven... You know, what ever happend to spooner anyway?
  13. Yo,bryce,its crimson. welcome back.
  14. Sig 12/10!! Ceaser is leet....nice very nice.
  15. This happend today?? I sure do miss alot. Fucking low life hacking noobs
  16. Im pissed to ..I mean im the fucking webmaster and yet the old webmaster is being a bitch and wont give me server access... Still I want that image uploader..
  17. Skull I think series is a ipb 1.3...sweeet. The mods will be helpfull indeed.
  18. We wont ban you, You are doing pretty well I might add ,woozie.
  19. ^ has sex with tin cans < fucking loves to rape pandas V had sex with a cow
  20. ^ post here way to much < is doing math homework V is not a noob ...
  21. I need to know if it is possible to get the pics i take in the game on to my comp...I have the gta-san second edtion for the x-box..i have a usb/,mem card thing from my ar max game saves disk i just need to know if i can some how get them off the mem card and on to my comp.. "Hope i did not get you confused". Thank you in advance for your help
  22. When i clicked it i saw what i thought was..well dicks..so i tried to kill the link as fast as i could.....meh
  23. What in fucks name is wrong with you? >>Topic closed<<
  24. I got it off some news site..i found.
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