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  1. Just took these 5 mins ago. Please forgive my camera for sucking so much ass
  2. O.O Nice....... I am getting a laptop for christmas, all I can remember is that it has 100 gigs of mem and 1 gig of ram.
  3. EH, right now im just praying you dont get banned, I do not want to have to worry about this shity spam crap anymore.
  4. Go to the docter and get it removed before you get gang green and have to amputate your foot.
  5. Sir, may I ask, What de fuck is you smoking? This is not like aim dude er and why did you yell at spazgod? Bawls is the best thing ever. Ontopic, my lifes still preety busy, I wont be active much until christmas.
  6. Dave1


    Crappy topic, but you cant let the leader of the crips go down!
  7. But the core is like 300$ here in the U.S . O.O You can mod the core till its the same as the full 360 so thats cool.
  8. Yes following what spaz said, all programs have a weakness , I could have my comp with every hacker prevention tool I could find and still get the shit hacked out of me..simple as that.
  9. my camera refuses to work so I will have to use this old one
  10. Ahh a fellow bawls drinker. happy bday chris dude.
  11. If i may, Why are you spaming ?
  12. Another day another retard, all of which make me proud to be a mod, so I can do this. :CLOSED:
  13. Well you get a nice pretty warn for this spampost and the pm you sent me. So you found a site better? then leave.. ..
  14. I am also proud to be here. happy bday gta place.
  15. Shut the fuck up. This is the attitude I have been talking about, seems that no one can get along without having to fucking BITCH Heres a idea, stop the bitching , stop acting like retards that do not even know how to act their own age, and try to find ways to help the fucking fourms, and prophet may I ask what the hell are you smoking? look I do not go off likes this often, but im fucking tired of everyones constant fucking BITCHING Rules help to keep this fourm becoming a hell hole Like my site.. if you don't like the way we have things set up then I suggest you leave. I am done please forgive my outburst.
  16. Hello and welcome to the gta place.
  17. You need 30 post to advertise ok? I will let you slide this time since you are new, just don't do it again .
  18. Whats really killing the fourms is the negitive attitude you guys have...
  19. Switch, I will ask Chris to take a look at that for you ok..
  20. Akuma, nice very nice indeed.
  21. Honestly the only thing I want is.. Some one to snuggle up with during the holidays..
  22. Dave1


    Well once the new gang syestem is running I will probably be bringing the S.F.M back to life, I have honestly missed it, Chris we mmay want to have monthly gang wars (just a suggestion). The gang syestem will be a nice way to get tgtap back to its former glory. On the matter of the skins, I think you should get one that will go along with the theme on the main site... ~Crimson
  23. Holy shit, that made my a.d.d go off the charts, my mom only uses white lights though
  24. Well if you must know , my life is fucking hell right now, stress from school and other shit almost led me to killing myslef this weekend, I never get any peace anymore, just when I think I can take a rest, bam more shit at my door.. Btw Crimson looks at bad things
  25. Nice, *jail house rapes steven* Thanks steve ill use it for sure. and spaz it was a screen shot I found on the bungie site. >:[
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