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  1. Why did God give men penises? . So they'd have at least one way to shut a woman up. . What's the difference between a paycheck and your dick? . You don't have to beg a woman to blow your check. . How is a woman like a laxative? . They both irritate the shit out of you. . What are the small bumps around a woman's nipples for? . It's Braille for "suck here". . Why do men die before their wives? . They want to. . Did you hear about the guy who finally figured out women? He died laughing before he could tell anybody. . What's the difference between a woman with PMS and a pit bull? . Lipstick. . Why do women have tits? . So men will talk to them. . What's the difference between a woman and a coffin? . You come in one and go in the other. . Why do women close their eyes during sex? . They can't stand seeing a man have a good time. . What's six inches long and two inches wide and drives women wild? . Money. . Why did the army send so many women with PMS to the Persian Gulf? They fought like animals and retained water for 4 days. . What's the difference between your wife and your job? . After 5 years your job will still suck. . What's the best thing about a blow job? . Ten minutes of silence. and finally... . Why are hurricanes normally named after women? . When they come they're wild and wet, but when they go they take your house and car with them...
  2. That is what I mean 8/10 but you can still....do better.
  3. The Desert Eagle This is my baby right here
  4. Sorry to be off topic, I deleted the noobs post and merdged spazes, i just posted to prevent any confusion. Thankyou ~Crimson
  5. Its no bigger than mine, the effect just makes it bigger. nice work, yet you can still do way better, 6/10.
  6. Hmm, since I know you can do way better I will give it a 5/10 .
  7. What in the world... Cod, Please do not spam,you are a mod and should act like one. Claude is the ugly one.
  8. Pssst, C.o.d look at the dates on the topic, try not to bump ok?
  9. OK this topic is way to old, I will be closing it,lease do not bump old topics, thank you.
  10. I am a day late, o well. Happy birth day big A
  11. Bryce is a pure blooded gangsta.. Spaz I like your hat..rofl
  12. Tyler you are causing to much trouble, and never talk rude to staff. I am putting you on a Nice little 5 day suspension, mabye this will teach you how to be more respectful to staff and less noobish. This is your last chance..
  13. ... Shut the hell up nooblets,this topic has turned into a noobtoberfest, if it where up to me I would have closed this ages ago, so get your act together and stop being incompetent retards. psp exclusive = never coming out for anything except psp. that would defeat the point of even making the damn thing, end of story, topic needs to be closed, do not make anymore topics like this. The lord hath spoken , thou hath been pwnt.
  14. Got to love tupac, he was great. why did he have to die I also like luda,50 cent ,bizzybone and dont forget the king of crunk lil jon.
  15. I really love this car, they better put it in the next gta ,or I will be more pissed than ray charles with a wheres waldo
  16. Yo game its vincent. welcome to the fourms. it is sad that those two great sites had to fall to migilb.
  17. More disk space has nothing to do with the actual gameplay. When it comes to Rockstar, it's hard to know what exactly they have up their sleeves. We can rest assured it will kick total ass, though. Amen to that spaz . I am hoping that you can finally build things, I really wanted to build a house on chilliad when the rumors for sanandreas where around.
  18. Korn- yall want a singal say fuck that.
  19. Killzone Halo doom3 codedarms burnout need forspeed under ground mafia madden 2005 god of war Just a few of my personal faves.
  20. Erm, why did you find it important to post a zelda picture?
  21. Dave1

    Shut CJ up

    Noob will thou ever shut thine mouth? Cj shall forever talk it is just how the game was made, live with it . And thou must stop the spaming of the smiles or I shalt warn thy noobish ass.
  22. This should be in the general sanandreas forums. :topic moved from general chat:
  23. actually, a few posts down on page 1 of this topic, i noticed that in one of Saps's postes he says,"windsheild wipers: gay and pointless" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Rule number one, Do not question a admin. and what spaz said was 8 flipping months ago. I will say this now you sir are a n00b,Some people might be offended by you saying "gay" nuff said. Back on topic. I would like to have your cars be turned into balls of crushed metal when u crashed bad enought, and die in your car Use burnouts example
  24. but they were also from websites and magizines who have actually played the game, they should know <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sometimes people lie to get publicity. And so what , even if you can not shoot and run, they gave you the ability to sprint with big guns. snow, not to sure about. Just be happy they let you go into safe houses. YOu can not load all the things on to one umd or it will kill the psp battery.
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