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  1. Look if you have a problem with us and our community then leave. Some of us don't have real friends so this is like heaven (reffering to myself).
  2. I voted spaz. Sorry chris but spaz is well, a pimp.
  3. Well, I uninstaled a mod that made my mini gun have a duck taped amo box on it and replaced it with this one you see now, but for some reason The white barrel of the minigun will not go away, does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this? I left the minigun.txd2 in the files, should I remove that?
  4. Stop double posting please, we have a edit button. Rules
  5. How can he be a female cleaning product? I like microsoft, does that make me a douche to?
  6. *Bitch slaps you* Now now you know better,please do not double post,and what is that link you posted?
  7. We all know sanandreas would be to big for the umd, but I do like the idea of a new vice, but seeing as R* has already said the storyline for "gta4" will have nothing to do with the past gta games ,I think that the new psp games may follw the new gta plot. {slight off-topic bombshell}^ But I would not mind having 2 psp gta games. If they make A psp2 this year I am going to murder sony for making me pay 300$ for somthing that would be outdated in a year.
  8. Spaz is right, the year of the ps3, the 2 new gta titles, and a whole new year filled with bawls.. hoo rah!
  9. I hope to god they don't put Stories in the next title, nuff said.
  10. Well first of all, can you get a gfx card for a lap top? My vice city lags like a bitch and its getting on my nerves so i am thinking about getting a graphics card,I need somthing that will be easy on the wallet to, so it would help if I could get a few ideas , I am not really good with things like this
  11. I am on my hot new lap top I got ghost recon2 some comps stuff and a cd also.
  12. Dave1


    Are you imputing your password correctly? Are you using caps? (they can sometimes mess up your log in) Otherwise, Contact a admin and tell them the problems you are having. Admins: Chris,Righty and Zino. I wish I could help you more but thats all I can really do.
  13. Since we have a screen shot topic I thought it would be a good idea to make one for your vids made with edison cheat device 5. Come and share your vids
  14. Here is one of my vids. Spooky lemon, the vid recorder makes everyones game slow, try using the 333mhz, wont be much of a difference but it helps, and it sends the vids to your pic section, I don't know why but it does, just plug the usb into your psp and send the vid from the pics file to your comp and upload it, image shack has limits on sizes so try not to use them,Then just post it like you would any normal image.
  15. Dave1

    MSN Down?

    I got the same thing to.
  16. Ok get back on topic, this is for posting pics, I would post more but I am out.
  17. Well a nice big welcome to all of our new members.
  18. NO , Well if you want a taco grenade in your game i guess, but you get a mod.
  19. Ahh a great view grade A snow and smog . Well this is odd. I got to lay of the rocks.
  20. Mike, Stop acting like a idiot. All we want is for you to stop acting like your 4 years old, how can you find enjoyment in being a asshole? Have you noticed that NO ONE even likes you? How about a test, I bet you can not act like a normal member, not even for 2 weeks. Try to prove me wrong, if you do good( I mean really good) I will have switch make you a custom mod for your sanandreas.. You have from today till jan 1st, if you want to try and prove me wrong..
  21. Nice mod switch, how far can he throw the tv?
  22. This is my last pic, you can see my double barrel bitch buster. Quality suxs
  23. Just calm down and live with it God damnit.
  24. Mike you curse way to much , that is why the filters are on. and I think I can still say fuck, I am not sure if it filters.
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