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  1. I have been noticing that many people are just using the report button to tell the mods things like 'I think cj would beat tommy in a fight" Please, only use the report button only if there is a genuine spam post or something that urgently needs cleaning up, It gets tiresome having to sort through the reports. ~ Crimson
  2. I have it and it lives up to its raiting, Chris you will enjoy it.
  3. It looks like it played chicken with a big ass blender and lost.
  4. Even if they say its an exclusive, if you see and opportunity for more profit take it.
  5. I just went and bought Vcs,so Ill give you guys a small report on it soon.
  6. It would be fun to go deer hunting in gta. But no pets,that would be another lawsuite waiting to happen.
  7. I am going to get my copy hopfully today or tomorrow.
  8. Dave1


    I encourage everyone who reads this to try and help us get this list done, its to much for Chris to do all of it by himself.
  9. Dave1


    Weapons skills. Gangster Level. Silenced Pistol,Desert Eagle,all Shotguns,Tec9, Micro-SMG,MP5,AK-47 and M4. When Gangster level is reached you can move while in aiming stance and your lock-on range,accuracy,rate of fire,and strafe speed increase. Weapons9with skill levels) this rule does not apply to. PISTOL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pistol's Gangster level explained. the Pistol's level increases lock-on range,accuracy and rate of fire, You can already move while aiming and firing this weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hitman Skill Level. This rule applies to the following weapons. Silenced Pistol,Desert Eagle,Combat Shotgun,Chrome Shotgun,Tec9, Micro-SMG,MP5,AK-47 and M4. Hitman level is now reached at maximum weapon skill (100%). This allows you to fire while moving,Lock-on range,accuracy,rate of fire,and strafe speed also improve. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Double Weapons Hitman Level. This applies to the following weapons. Pistol,Sawn-off Shotgun,tec-9,and Micro-SMG. You can wield two of the above weapons simultaneously and the lock on range increases. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTS AND EXPORTS SF DOCKS. Board 1 reward Patriot $40,000 Sanchez $ 10,000 Stretch $40,000 Feltzer $35,000 Remington $30,000 Buffalo $35,000 Sentinel $35,000 Infernus $95,000 Camper $26,000 Admiral $83,949 ---------------------------------------------------- Board 2 Reward Slamvan $ 19,000 BlistaCompact $35,000 Stafford $35,000 Sabre $19,000 FCR-900 $ 10,000 Cheetah $105,000 Rancher $40,000 Stallion $19,000 Tanker $35,000 Comet $135,000 -------------------------------------------------------- Board 3 Reward Blade $19,000 Freeway $ 10,000 Mesa $25,000 ZR-350 $45,000 Eruos $35,000 Banshee $45,000 Super Gt $105,000 Journey $22,000 Huntley $40,000 Bf Injection $15,000 ------------------------------------------------------------ RARE IMPORTS # of cars collected Board 1 Cost 5 Monster $32,000 10 Windsor $28,000 -------------------------------------------------- # of cars collected Board2 Cost 5 Bandito $12,000 10 Turismo $72,000 -------------------------------------------------------- # of cars collected Board3 Cost 5 Vortex $20,800 10 Bullet $ 84,000 Some of the prices and things got smashed together,but you get the idea.
  10. Now that the vice city updates are done they can start work on the next version of sa.mp =D. quite a few syncing issues XD.
  11. Welcome to all of our new members, if you have any questions Pm me.
  12. I love chris.....mabye to much,*sounds of baby crying in the background*
  13. Dave1


    I will work on some of the sa things this weekend =D.
  14. I have had this problem before, it does sound like over heating, it may be somthing else though, best advice, check your fans or open up your comps side panel and then run it, just dont touch anything inside, you have the risk of getting zaped if you do.
  15. Hey guys don't let this turn out to be a fight alright? In my opinion, I would like to see both mafia and thug.
  16. Or they could be some new form of plankton.
  17. Spam bot, fear the mod stick!!!!!!!!
  18. Hell yeah!!!!! thats going to get you candy
  19. Now now, calling people names is not nice.
  20. Dave1


    That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard... when did racisim become a race . -45 kudos for you.
  21. 12 kudos to righty!But getting in trouble for yawning is 100% BullShite, I say you take to the administration and get that sorted out.
  22. Thanks to this topic I went and searched for an old funny pm...all I found was one of mgilb pms full of orgish shit..omg ew.
  23. Yo Smart, I've seen you a few time before, you should stick around for awhile.
  24. Then I'll just pull out my mighty mod stick and send him right back out the door!.
  25. That building is the observatory just so you know.
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