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  1. Chill out people I don't want a fight getting started. tilly keep your opinions to yourself. Milkyboy, just chill out bro.
  2. vc mp.com If anyone else wans to download it, here is the site. I'm not sure how to help you with the server problem but I will try to find somthing.
  3. Hey I know you from gta series, welcome to the forums.
  4. Dave1

    Im back

    Sup kang, remember me? hehe
  5. Give me A few min and I will try to find one for you. Gta Downloads link This is all I could find, meh its only a skin.
  6. Dave1

    Halo 3

    Well, the story mode is kick ass, but what everyone really loves is the multiplayer , that alone has earned it it's fame.
  7. Dave1

    Halo 3

    I can't wait for halo 3, The trailer look awesome. Then we can extend our clan into halo3.
  8. I would have posted sooner, but I had some connection issues. I am pleased that it will be on xbox 360, I can just drool when I think of gta xbox live. The games going to be soo kick ass.
  9. Dave1

    Nintendo Wii

    nintendo made a big mistake by calling it wii, that sounds so damn weak.
  10. If you are asking to be staff then no. If you are asking about a gta modding team, try pming some of the modders here. Other than that, wtf are you talking about?
  11. We do not permit the advertising of invision free forums.
  12. Woozie send me one of his pm's.
  13. Welcome to the site Germster =)
  14. You do realize that gtaplace has a mod data base.. Strike, don't spam, and if you want that link to stay, put it in the advertising section, and please don't bump topics. :CLosing Topic:
  15. No problem man, just glad I could help. And speed, The freezing happens when a mod has been put in incorrectly, you will have to reinstall vice,or find the corrupted file.
  16. Did you get the VCM version or normal? You must replace the delxuo .dff and the deluxo txd with the ones included Now you best bet would be to download the Vice city mod instaler Vice mod installer and if you do not have this you may want to get it. Img tool Now, with the mod installer,It requires the codes for the files that come in the Readme File. Be sure to check and double check to make sure you have done it right Walk through... ok open your mod installer, then go for your mods readme. then find the car you want to replace, which will be the deluxo. Then get the txd,dff,and handleing data from the read me and put it in the correct lines.. then click instal mod, and if all went well you should be done.... I hope I have been of some help to you and if you have any problems or questions feel free to pm me. ~Crimson
  17. Yeah, shane does know his way around a ipb, He has quite a few sites
  18. He come around when a new gta pops up, he did lcs cheat device. P.S You batter not start making spam post
  19. Shit, Sorry I was not here to help clean that up zino.
  20. Well I have no money either, but I still have a fully stocked inventory to pawn off to get me on my way
  21. Got here a little late, great mod switch, I really enjoy it, keep up the good work.
  22. Dave1


    i got rap rock 80's 90's. I got a ton of crap.
  23. Dave1


    Thanks guys, in 3 months i can get my drivers permit !!
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