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  1. ^ I wish. < Freezes to death v Has someone in his house
  2. Yakuza. Nice clothes, especially the red ones, and a cool cars.
  3. Lol wut? What the hell? It's not a big deal, only a black cat named Furball jumping from a bed..
  4. Triads & Tribulations for Tony Cipriani (Sorry if I spelled his name wrong) For what Person you do the mission "Grand Theft Auto"?
  5. In the end of the pier in Palomino Creek. Name 2 places in Las Venturas, where you can find Tear gas.
  6. 15.Go [swearing removed] watch teletubbies you life-less piece of garbage eater.
  7. Well, I am not the best with these songs, so I can get confused.
  8. Serious: Lol what? Translate please. On Topic: FOXY FANS SWIMSUIT EDITION And this is only a preview See the real deal HERE
  9. Meh, never knew the difference, between the years. Always searched for random stuff. And it looks the same.
  10. 2. Go hump with your grandpa like a rabbit.
  11. It is very annoying to be harassed by these dust-farting elders. All they say is that we are bad for listening 'shitty' music, drinking stuff we shouldn't, and laughing. And always I have weird things with my mum, that she is an adult, and if she says that Glasgow is the capital of Ireland, and I say it's the capital of Scotland, than she says I am wrong, and only after my dad tells her that she is wrong, she admits it. The older generation thinks only bad things about us.
  12. hmm idk..got a weird feeling tho..and once again, i cant remember what redneck means.

  14. ^Depends what mess. <Shall not do the brown mess in his underpants. V Saw a corpse once.
  15. Now I remember from where I seen your avatar. First I thought it was from the 'Ring', but it's from Silent Hill, right?

  16. ^ <Wonders who's Byron R. White V Had an amputation once.
  17. On top of Sweet's house. How does Pulaski dies?
  18. 1. SA 2. GTA3 3. VC 4. IV 5. LCS/VCS 6. LCS/VCS
  19. Windsor. If I am correct: Tenpenny and Pulaski die in the same way. What is the way?
  20. Nice guide. He covered up the things that can interest GTA 3 beginners (If there are some). And I really like the way that the Yakuza dresses.
  21. Cannibal Corpse - The Undead Will Feast Undead sleep, as they hug their teddy bear Terror play's, at the thought of being in a lair Prophecy of the baby of Oz Now comes true, as the panda's eat the fuzz Ancient spell summons the bears of Hell The dead sleep, in their shell Panic strikes as the nations run in fear Ocean cola with salt of black deer
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