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  1. Kind of doesn't even begin to describe it, lol.
  2. Sherman

    My First Car!

    Depends on the block design and shit.. I could run a small turbo on the ol' accord (220K) at 8 psi, make 220whp and be perfectly fine Tuning is one of the biggest things you've got to worry about.
  3. Sherman

    My First Car!

    I've seen cars with 170K being boosted and being reliable, if you do it right you've got nothing to worry about. I'm not worried about my engine itself, just everything that actually runs it Distributor/alt/sensors/ etc
  4. Sherman

    Saints Row 2

    Saints Row 1 was for 360 only.
  5. Usually I start off by streaming porn so I can start off a healthy internet session with a tunasub. .... Then I check myspace to see what my bitches are up to.
  6. Sherman

    My First Car!

    Lmao, I don't think the trans would even fit back there @Husky: Nahhh I really wouldn't bother. It gets expensive.. and I don't think the RL has a lot of mod support
  7. Sherman

    My First Car!

    It looked like he said it was a problem because it was an automatic I don't think they even came out with a manual trans in that car Even if, it's not gonna make it THAT much quicker. Auto to manual is a pain in the ass anyway, I'm working on that in mine :/
  8. Sherman

    My First Car!

    We... DO... have Hondas. There are a few Acuras that don't look like any Honda's I've ever seen. Go to Europe / Asia. You'll see Hondas that make you think Acura @Husky: It's not gonna be a quick car, haha. Big and heavy. Why're you changing the transmission out, is it crapping out?
  9. Sherman

    My First Car!

    They're pretty much just rebaged Hondas, yeah. I'm not too sure what the deal with them is. It's kinda like the whole Toyota/Lexus deal. There's nothing wrong with a Honda... as long as you don't pretend its fast when its really not haha. Mine will never be fast.. maybe quick in the future, but it'll never see anything like 10's or 11's at the 1/4th.
  10. Sherman

    My First Car!

    Ehh, you can buy used I'm on a forum where a lot of people have stuff like that on their Accord's, so eh. its not out of the ordinary, for me haha. I wouldn't think twice about dropping a grand or two on just wheels if I could swing it, they do make a car
  11. Sherman

    My First Car!

    Damn straight, welcome to the Honda/Acura family ;] I've always liked those cars. Lower it and put some nice wheels on it. Not like super racerboy or rice, something baller. Work, Volk, SSR, Advan etc.
  12. www.mtasa.com www.sa-mp.com
  13. It's possible to do it, I'm running an original 3.0 game on my desktop that I go on MTA with. I'm sure if you looked into the patch you could do it manually, though.
  14. lmao. LOOKS JUST LIKE ME :o

  15. http://www.myspace.com/meggienholden69 lmao
  16. You want her myspace? lmao
  17. Sure thing, it's crazy enough driving a car now. I've still gotta take car of it.. might make a thread for both of them. Funny how they're both Honda's xD
  18. Nothing at all, lol. Just an idiot..
  19. Niiice. I'm still keeping up with this, looks like its coming around nicely. I might be getting an 80's Honda bike. It's a 700CC. I just need to learn to ride it
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obj2XLlGi_0 I just came across that... definitely the stupidest thing Ive seen in awhile Leave comments, make fun of her. ;D
  21. I lost mine to an old lover of mine, it was right at the time so I mean. No regrets.
  22. Naww dude. When they ask, just be like 'I'll show ya' haha. Girls love confidence man.
  23. Sherman


    Out of the 5 mins I've been on my new laptop, it's pretty decent. Looks different than XP... combined with the whole new scroll thingy, it's just different.
  24. www.hookedonphonics.com

  25. How would one company's computer run it better than any other with the same specs? lol. It's all hype. I had this wigger dude bragging to me he installed an Alienware OS??? It's all looks. If you've got as much money as you say, why don't you get a custom case made to your likings? And you can seriously buy the best parts out instead of settling for less. It's all in marketing and they've definitely got you hooked.
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