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  1. football (WolfPack,some football team)
  2. Just make your own, save Chris some trouble...
  3. The games are fun, i just suck at them lol How much did you get, person?
  4. In the United States, its on April 4th 1 am
  5. Get 0n topic sho... i mean retrohelix The movie looks pretty cool, i just dont want that tital to come
  6. I like the first and 3rd one,the 2nd one is bland,imo But get a sharpies marker insead of the pencil sharpener
  7. Yea, it a college for Technology And how do you spell college?Colledge??
  8. Post 3 word posts or more,Kurt, this is your last verbal warning I dont mean to be strict, just read the rules,alright? The Zabuistu(sp?) Would be good too, they were cool Too bad i cant view the page, i hate bill gates's computers
  9. Gangster_101 wait for 2 ppl to reply before you post in this game -Sky Sorry for breaking the rules, but i gotta do my job Zero
  10. |\__/| . . ' \____/ <-----That guy
  11. 365.45656464564 days in a year
  12. Their MIGHT be some kind of info if you look at The city of SA on GTA (their website) The vercetti familey thing was in GTA1 VC, bubby, known as Tommy Vercotti and some other names I cant even get to that page, i hate Bill Gates
  13. I dont like ebay, it might not sale, but if you can find someone who wants to buy it, I would appreciate it a lot.
  14. Its just my graphics card, im getting a new comp. but, someone needs to buy this, i need the money to buy something else
  15. Ok, my comp cant run this, its brand new, i bought it today Please buy this, im offering $5000 gtaplace money with the game I dont know how much shipping is,but it shouldnt be much
  16. How do you write such good stories??They're really good Wait, maybe you like to write?
  17. My internet is really gay, and wont let me go to many places, just go get them for me
  18. Me too, they're too boring Well, i might get Driv3r,and GT4 They come out in June-July,or atleast i think thats when they are coming out. Oh yea, The getaway 2 (I like the driving Physics) Dunno when thats coming out
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