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  1. Ive seen people make videos of a game(like THUG) and i was wondering how i could do that
  2. GTA1 the one that started it all
  3. 8/10 its cool, Black and Gold go together really well
  4. same here, My fav is probably Ray Mysterio
  5. Sherman

    What is CS?

    I played it once, i cant remember bcuz i was confused about everything then...
  6. Im a good goalie I hate football anyway (soccer for you wierdo american lol)
  7. Cool mod, but No one knows were i live
  8. Im glad you saved that Crazy, its a great story btw, how much money did u get out of that post Im just wondering
  9. Welcome Everyone Have a nice stay at these forums
  10. Hes been working on it for a while, and wat it is about, i dont get it
  11. Sherman

    Fav. Sport Game

    Tony Hawks Underground (yes skateboarding is a sport)
  12. Sherman


    I almost made strait A's. some how, I hate school
  13. Uh, is it like the system @ gtadiscussion?
  14. What about a small plane instead, or the full winged DODO and The Subway is good, i wounder if you will be able to walk around in the subway , if they have it though..........
  15. Do both, take the spam away and warn/fine the user
  16. LOL, ive sprained my wrist, and busted my ass it herts(sp?) Just go fall and break bones btw, how many parks do you guys have in ur town? i have 2, both street/vert, and outside. I liked the 1 i saw, i just dont know what the other 1 looks like
  17. you forgot to, again, lol................... I wish i was was a mod
  18. I have some Etnies right now, and im getting ready to but some DCs And, I hit that kid because he called me a poser. So, i hit him.
  19. .<.< Other................... GtA:SaN aNdReAs
  20. Uh, probably Phil, I like the mission *spoilers* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Where you go down there and have to kill the Columbian Cartel
  21. I started this a long time ago, and I just started working on it again. This button stupid I have 2 codes they are -Digital Clock-Its in a bad position, but atleast its there -Ultimate Skin Selecter-I like this, but some of the skins ugly
  22. Sherman

    Ad Banner

    What about the Alienware banner? At the bottom
  23. Sherman


    Dont worry I will lol You copied my name, well anyway welcome ps:jk^
  24. I just started again, from 3 months, and i think that was pritty good from sitting out for that long, but i hate those little midget posors, i already hit one.
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