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  1. No, i heard about some buddy sys. thing, i gotta go look at it tho...
  2. I need to talk to Tony, well, i cant d/l it my comp wont let me, so i might buy it tommorow...
  3. Just random parts got put in to my crappy PC, the stuff i know: 256 MB RAM 80GB HDD
  4. I cant get to the website with the System of a down steal this album lyrics, Since im gonna just put the website here, im offering 100$ for it, u have to have the cd too, or maybe i can get it off of the CD.... Click here and get them for me
  5. lol, ur arnt liked there miller, its probabley just the server, it goes on and off, just like a power switch....
  6. Im planning on going to college, i cant remember the name but its in Orlando, Florida The website is Full sail.com
  7. :0 is like a google comercial! I really dont care what i use
  8. It looked stupid, So i didnt go, cuz it looked boring Was it any good Pyro?
  9. Looks good, nice to see u are back
  10. My file was corupt, so if the nxt d/l dont work, hell im buying the full version
  11. I got it! Now its Pyro, Spas, and sky in the same house
  12. Thats good, just dont do your disk like that lol
  13. Its starting to get warmer so i can ride it again anyway, Can you manuel? I can barley do it its hard to balance(for me)
  14. It looks horible! j/k I like it, 7/10 Did you use Photoshop or Adobe or Something else?
  15. Evry1 argueing Shut up this isnt the warzone I should give all 3 of u a warning, well this IS your warning, have a nice day , oh yea 8.5/10
  16. Toyo Discount tire, north wilkesboro
  17. Its funny, but i think the golfers stole the gun from the front of the Golf club! Or it glitched
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