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  1. *I see really stupid people* (ARCADE GAMES) Anyway uh probabley Pacman lol
  2. Sherman

    Shop Hack

    What kind of Forum are you using? An this belongs in Webring
  3. PAGAN IS RIGHT!! I shoulda know Its obviously u lance Always Trust PAGAN
  4. How stupid do you think we are? Its the same odds as two ppl having the same fingerprint dumbass Why should I?
  5. Yes, he/she hacked the forum for money so we want her banned No, she resides with Micheal Jackson or is in America You dont want to know, lets just say an idiot A great gang that you should join when Johnny is kicked out of the DS
  6. Cmon, spas, he lied to US!!!! Or ppl who didnt know he was lance!! Besides, you really think he deserves a second chance!?!?!? Id rather have sparctus run The Dragon Stealths than Lance!! I already said i wanted to kick him out, i mean u dont want un happy gang members do u?
  7. HELL NO!! You lied Dragon Stealths do not lie, and You dont deserve to be in the Dragon Stealths
  8. dude, STFU you dont even know the guy, anyway i think he acts too mature on the message boards... Oh, yea, i know u were copying spaz noob
  9. He means me lol, my name is Marc too, well cya rambo
  10. I rememver u Lance, edit:lol it was my word lance Uh, idot U idiots, Nick and Thug, stop spaming the topic! Its u can post AFTER 2 ppl have posted in front of you But, this want posted so, know u know, kthnx
  11. I want a banner, details coming....
  12. nameless guy, atleast he had a good partner, and, if they were using the same weapons well.....
  13. ^That could be it An hes working on a mod site,so... But i think he cant use the computer, (like miller said), hes never on MSn
  14. G dogg never came back so why dont you start it again?
  15. Id have to say Yakuza, i wish Xero-1 was up there lol, Anyway, they were the best gang imo, They had the best car too (IMO)
  16. Identicle Yea, this is the only game that is aloud
  17. For the money? Anyway I voted PS2 Microsoft, stick w/ ur shitty computer junk
  18. I like the hatians! Leave them alone, there just stupid
  19. It looks like it gonna be a real gang scene (notice the Font of SA)
  20. Does it tell you to get out of the car? Because you have to park it a specific way for it to work
  21. The govrnment just wants money, so there will be hacker no matter what, I play THPS 4 online a lot, and theres guys that hack the system just to make it look like we are saying stupid shit
  22. If it is online (who Knows) The ability to put pipebpmbs in cars, (someone opens there door online and, well u know....)
  23. Oh yea, i shoudve known that, but thanks
  24. I dont like that shade of red, and the guy looks really wierd so 2/10
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