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  1. i dont have mch space on my HD :'( so i might not get it (maybe the full version tho )
  2. *Cough*spam*Cough* I forgot the rating lol 8.5/10 btw, Do u sell sigs?
  3. Sherman


    There isnt, ur just paying for ur internet
  4. Sherman


    Does anyone have a network adapter??
  5. I gotta talk him into letting me keep the 80 gb HD and i do pick up my messes
  6. Sure, i gotta make it, i dont have much ram so, that external HD better come soon!
  7. Sherman


    my hi is 29 mil in Moscow anyone play THUG online? I beat it on normal, and Sick mode it is soooo hard. im at chapter 26, the spot challenges, and i cannot complete them!
  8. SPAM Anyway the Pic looks good, did you use FRAPS?
  9. THPS series Spyro Series Crash Bandicoot series Dave Mirra BMX Crisis Courior(sp?) Its an old game, but fun
  10. Well its up know, it might have just been in America
  11. Is it just me or is MSN down? (*My internet is screwed up right now)
  12. Stupid public servers!! 78 more miniutes in line!!!! It better be worth the wait....
  13. Yeah, but it was probably made for people who dont have a computer And I Still think it would be a fun game, just Play a game while ur waiting
  14. Here I finnaly got 256 MB of RAm so im gonna get it as soon as Charter gets fixed... Anyway I thought that this was cool, its 14 Day trial.
  15. Its Mono Chrome if u use PHP
  16. Its a fake pic on the main site, he Chromed it. Or Mono chromed it I cant remember wat it is
  17. Who the hell is that? President?
  18. Around 100 I have a lot of Guitar ones, well that actually all lol
  19. "Eat the Rich"-Aerosmith Poor
  20. I thought we already had that, Or was it we send somone somthing and they pay us for it?
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