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  1. It's right up there with Back to the Future and The Lord of the Rings when it comes to great trilogies. I really love the Matrix trilogy, second best trilogy ever, I am a huge back to the future fan, but the matrix trilogy comes right there at second place, I have the 10 DVDs boxset and it is great.
  2. Hasselback and Alexander have 2-3 weeks for a comeback, alexander will come back sooner than Hasselback, if it wasnt for the division, the Seahawks would be in serious danger. Oh and yeah, Colts the last undefeated team this season, Patriots what? hehehe.
  3. Bears are losing next week against the giants, mark my words, they are still the best team in the NFC but they need to prove they can beat everyone and I have the feeling the giants will end up the bears streak, the Pats might win tomorrow :S so the undefeated teams might fall as soon as next week.
  4. Out of that 11% probably some was mine, now I am glad I moved to DSL a couple of months ago. Oh and about browsers I started using opera after FF 1.5 crashed once in a while, now with FF2.0 I dont have that problem, good bye opera and welcome back firefox, it is just my favorite browser.
  5. Season 3 has been a serious dissappointment so far, really I had big hopes but its getting boring and senseless, right now Prison Break is my favorite TV series.
  6. Colts fan here but I doubt they will make it, more like the Broncos/Chargers and the Bears or the Giants (yes little Manning will make it before Peyton,lol)
  7. Probably my favorite band right now, I like most of their songs.
  8. Down to Germany now, I hope they beat France in the finals
  9. Can you look a map and tell me where is a country called Spain? is it in Africa, Asia? it isnt right? we were conquered by Spain almost at the same time as you were conquered by Britain, I know most of you probably dont know/care about it and this is just a GTA forum but at least know your facts before you post them. About the theory, that wont happen unless the USA conquers Mexico, something like they did with Puerto Rico, and even then I dont think it will happen, no good for any country.
  10. Crap, we lost, again, put a great game but end up losing, well, there is always next cup.
  11. Not if Mexico beat them (yeah right, not even I think that is possible lol).
  12. Now Spain is loosing to Tunez, this has been a weird World Cup so far. Anyway, go Mexico beat Portugal and avoid Argentina.
  13. Oscar

    Im back

    So, welcome back man, good to see you back here.
  14. Desktop: P4 2.0ghz. Laptop: AMD 64 1.8ghz.
  15. Well,I got it, tested it and loved it, cant wait for final release, weird at the start but then I realized its way better than the previous ones.
  16. Installation of Office professional and Visio are done, I am still downlading one note and project, last things I am downlading as I see no use for the others.
  17. Well, big download and the mail just came (had to use another account), I am getting it right now, a couple of hours to go, nothing big as 3 days ago I was downloading at 5kbs, now I am getting 55+kbs, this 500 mb and 2 hours of waiting are just nothing for me.
  18. I am getting it right now, I just got DSL and decided to give it a try, just waiting for the mail to start downloading.
  19. Steamboat U. Tweed salutes you.
  20. Fort Minor - remember the name then is: David Dramian of Disturbed - Forsaken (queen of the dammed OST)
  21. That was a really good video man, I really liked it.
  22. Oscar


    Guess you can count me back too, not really active but back.
  23. Right now I have the album Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists playing.
  24. Lol, yeah, is a joke with my friends, started some years ago and now they call me after him.
  25. Thats makes me the second oldest to post (20)
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