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  1. Breaking Benjamin - So Cold This is a great song, I like this band a lot
  2. Get some gun, or anything I can to beat the crap out of the guy that is going to rape me WWYDI you cant stop the guy that is going to rape you?
  3. Ok, is this the new trend? people leaving and making goodbye threads?, good bye man, I dont know you that much, but good bye.
  4. Ok, everyone is leaving, see ya later (maybe)
  5. Tekken, I love it since Tekken one, great fight game
  6. Me too, I really expect Switch to make great mods for SA too as he did for VC
  7. Oscar

    I'm leaving

    I said goodbye to you on MSN, but I will tell you here too, goodbye, you will be missed, thats for sure
  8. I will miss my money, but thats a good idea, reset the money
  9. Ok, you are fast, I just got the email from RockStar newsletter, finally, we are just 1 month and 1 week from SA for PC and Xbox, now with their own site, I can wait
  10. Sprite, I like 7 UP too, but I prefer sprite
  11. Wow, what an intro, and what a great video, thats the result of a good alliance for a great video, I have dial up and got it, and I can say it was worth it, great job
  12. Spend the 10 dollars in the cds, is not that much and is worth it, you get 3 games for 10 dollars
  13. Mine: P4 2.0 ghz 160 gb HD 512 mb of RAM PC2100 Nvidia geforce fx 5200 (bad but enough) 6 channels crappy sound card LG 16x DVD drive LG 52x24x52 cd burner 6 USB 2.0 ports
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