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  1. Happy birthday man, hope you had a good one, and have a great year.
  2. Sad news for the modding comunity, GTA fans and specially his family, I hope the best for his son and wife, may he rest in peace.
  3. Oscar


    Ok, I joined, I will get SA this week so I will be playing a lot, I cant play multiplayer, but I will play a lot this summer, well, deppends of my job, but I think I still will have a lot of spare time to play. BTW, my username is oscarx21
  4. I think is Linkin ParkĀ“s Breaking the Habbit, that video is so good, than and Pts of Authority.
  5. Well. welcome here man, looks like the summer is getting more people.
  6. Hi new guys, welcome to the forums, follow the rules and have fun.
  7. Nice looking mods, I cant wait to test them, it might take a while since I plan to finish at least the story line missions before I start to mod it.
  8. Byrzed, I would like one, some Back to the Future related sig: Size: 500x125 Text: Oscar
  9. Happy Birthday Xenon, have a great year.
  10. That will burn my geforce fx 5200, but that info is some great news, they put a lot of effort in the games physics and AI, anyone with a great comp will enjoy the best of SA, for me, as long as I can play it, is fine.
  11. Really good change, a lot of work put there, with so good results, nice work there Dennis and Chris
  12. I read that yesterday, that was some good info about the game, a lot of useful and good information about the game, man I cant wait
  13. Right now my team is the Heat, I like how they play and since Phoenix is out, I hope the Heat will win the championship
  14. I listen to music, play games, go outside and take a walk, watch the tv, play games, etc, there are plenty of things you can do when you are bored.
  15. Oscar

    New Forums

    Looking good, looking really good, nice change.
  16. Modding VC is not as easy as adding directories, you need a set of tools, most of them are said in the readme files of every mod, you just have to follow the steps and use the proper tools If you wonder where are the files to mod located, well they are usually located in the VC intallation folder in the data and models subfolders.
  17. Hey san<>tran, welcome here, have a nice stay and try to have a good start here.
  18. I got it, I will install it later, maybe this weekend, I am always up to check a new mod, specially a TC
  19. I watched it yesterday and I think is one of the best movies ever, finally a star wars movie that is great, I liked almost every single thing about it, if you are thinking about wether watch it or not, I can tell you, go and watch it, you wont regret it, if you watched it, I think you might agree with me. There are just a few minor things that could have been better, but almost everything was right, so what do you think about it?
  20. Once again, nice hair, and I like your style
  21. Nice video, I like what you did with Tony hawk, do you have plans for a new video?
  22. Ok, everyone is leaving, we should have an official "I am leaving thread". Good bye ande see ya.
  23. Nice, I guess is time for a change, looks good so far, nice work for the site, I cant wait to see the final results.
  24. Nice design and good project, I might check it more frequently
  25. Exactly, the warning system is good enough, leave it like that, so mods can do the job Edit: @Mbssondude I Voted no, I forgot to vote, I dont want to spam, so I edited my post instead
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