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  1. Hi waterbottle and welcome, have a nice stay here
  2. I like the design, I really do, I am not sure about the colors though, but is different
  3. Hey, welcome back, hope you stay more active here
  4. Nice work, you have a lot of spare time dont you? j/k
  5. We have enough members for now, sure we dont have a lot but spammed like crazy forums are not the best thing
  6. Black eyed peas - Lets get retarded
  7. I like those games a lot, I just play in my comp so NBA Live games are the best for me, I have them from 2002 to 2005
  8. Yes, is pure spam, I have a lot of posts there, I think is fun, but fun should not count to give money and posts
  9. Nice, the game surely looks good in the PC version, 1 month to go and we will be playing it
  10. Nice, is not the world record (sey by Barney/Kemical), but that was some good spin, my personal record is just 6900.
  11. Adema - Tornado I dont like the new cd that much, but I like this song
  12. Nice work, I like the way it looks, 8/10, nice border and details
  13. A reverse mod= good idea A reverse game= bad bad bad idea I agree with you here spaz, a mod is a good idea for that, but wait years, hell no.
  14. I used Mandrake for a while, I like it, but I went back to windows, this summer I will use it again, I really need to learn
  15. Hi villarule, welcome to the forums, have a nice stay
  16. See you on AIM, good bye, you ae not going to block everyone are you? I know you wont, so se you around (not in the GTA Place of course)
  17. I am up for the Stunt Video, I am yet to play SA but I like to stunt and I will have the PC version near the release date, count me in, I am not that good but I am sure I can help the video. I might get this video later at a friends house, or the weekend, 82mb is big for my sucky dial up
  18. Welcome everyone, I am lazy to copy and paste all the names, but welcome to the forums, have a nice stay
  19. Exactly, nothings special, I like the pictures though, 5/10 for both
  20. My highest is a 6900, tried for 2 hours the bus and bike in the airport trick, had a few over 7000 but with no landing and I lost around 10 bikes
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