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  1. Happy Birthday Spaz, hope you have a great year.
  2. I think almost every old member (at least 6 months old), has been part of the DS, I was for like a week.
  3. Tested it, but didnt liked it that much, I´ve been using FF since the early betas and for some reason, this one doesnt seems to be that good, maybe I should give it a better try but for now I am back to the good old FF 1.0-x
  4. Well, I wasnt here yesterday, but I wish you had a great day and I wish you a great year.
  5. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you had a great day and I hope you will have a great year.
  6. My plain and sexy desktop, I dont like a mess in the desktop, thats why I have the "Desktop Trash" and the "Shorcuts" folders
  7. Well, so far just 2 people, wasnt the best idea, I will wait until this weekend to make my desicion.
  8. Ok, so far just 1 person interested, is really easy to play, you just draft players, the you get point deppendin on how they do every game, really easy and is fun to play. @chris82, are you interested?
  9. Well, the NFL is coming and is the time for Fantasy Football, I´ve been thinking about making a league for the people here, I just need to know if at least 5 more people are interested on joining it, it can be either yahoo or ESPN (I dont like the NFL.com league), I didnt make a poll because I want to know exactly who is interested so please post here if you are, if I dont get at least five people interested in the next 3 to 5 days, then I wont make one. So post here if you are interested and what would you preffer (yahoo or ESPN).
  10. Welcome to the site, and that is a big list of videos, I have some of them, and I will try to get others, I can expect really good material coming from you.
  11. Big Smoke aim sucks, thats for sure, you just need to drive somewhere around the white line that is in the right side of the train, if you cant get right in the place for him to beat them, you can help yourself by landing the train when it comes out of the second tunnel, is not that hard to jump and land in the train, there you can help BS to kill everyone.
  12. The list is quite big, but I can say anything from the DA, Uncloned from Ramboy, VC Tribute, and some more I cant think of right now.
  13. Just wait for the M version with no hot coffee, it will come in a few months
  14. Sounds interesting, I might join, I am not a really good stunter but I can come up with good ideas once in a while.
  15. I´ve been having some problems stunting in SA, is really different, I cant say if its better or not than VC, but is surely different.
  16. So now it was my turn, come on and post it, lol, I should have read this thread before, hahahah, well it was kind of boring and somehow I knew it, but it was fun
  17. Ok, seriously, that is getting more stupid every single day, read the games name "Grand Theft Auto", you expect a lot of bad things with that name, you know is not recommended for people under 17, now under 18, if you cant read the box because is there, then dont complain.
  18. It can be activated with some cheats (at least thats what I read), so is in the code, hidden, just like in GTA games, and you can see kids naked, wich is a more serious thing.
  19. Hahahahaha, that was really good, yeah come on, GTA SA is not telling anyone how to destroy a city, is just a game and nothing more, there are a lot of things that people should be worried about, instead of a fully clothed sex minigame that was hidden in a game.
  20. Is not your age what matters, is the fact that the game is going to be removed from mayor retail stores so it will be difficult for you to get it, most retailers dont sell AO games doesnt matter if you are 10 or 50, they just dont put them in stores (at least in America)
  21. Well, for you you have the collection edition congratulations, I "got" it the fast way, wanted to go and buy it in the USA but a lot of stuff happened and now theres no way I can get the original edition (not that I care about sex scenes but I wanted the original edition just like R* released it), I think is really shit, the hot coffee is just clothed people doing some scenes, nothing spectacular, besides you knew the game was not for kids and I was happy with the M rating since I am 20 years old and I can buy anything I want, but now that Walmart and gamestop are going to remove the original edition I wouldnot get it, I might still get the patched version but is not the same. Well, this is take the big game that causes the most controversy, come on if you are the parent of a kid with SA you know what to expect so dont buy it for him, simple as that, but they are affecting the 18+ gamers too because they cant find a game intended for 17+ people anywhere now, they are actually affecting the market for what SA is intended, and just by a year of difference, if it was 21+ then I would understand but 1 year? come on, how much mature can you be a year later, does that makes some difference? and yet you kill a very popular game with less mature things than the said God of War. Now I wish I would have made that trip to get it, but is just a game and I have it and I will get the new version of the game (to be release between august and october according to gamespot), but it wil mean a big loss for Take Two and I dont know what it will do to the next GTA game (in case theres is a next GTA game )
  22. About time, this adds more fun to SA, one of the best tools ever for VC now in SA
  23. Devils Ride Digging up the corpses Domination (the 3 of them by the Dark Army) Uncloned (by Ramboyf5) Suntocide 3 by NightKnight Offduty VC Tribute (jordan liles) Those are some really good videos, sorry, no links, but some of them are easy to find
  24. And games like GTA are proven to be relaxing games, wich can help you to concentrate and get rid of stress, now you see, videogames are good (unless you abuse and do nothing else)
  25. I found this at GTAGaming, really nice work, I hope it can be done, it would be great to play the 3 cities in SA
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