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  1. What does this have to do with you? Later can mean in two hours or in two weeks. So shut the hell up, it's nothing to do with you!
  2. It doesn't look bad, I like the swirling, I'll give it a 8/10
  3. For GTA 3 mine is I think Flashback For GTA Vice CIty it woudl have to be VCPR, Wave 103, or Flash
  4. ^ don't really care < will just keep on wandering along V wants to go on a walk in the moonlight with me
  5. I'd say Spaz, since hes' the only guy I've really had much to do with...and possibly Slavik and Tatsumaru
  6. Yep, Tommy would definitely win, Tommy is the more smarter, organized Crime Lord, Fido is still more of a running boy.
  7. Liar, Liar Robin Hood: Men in Tights Austin Powers Movies Airplane I and II Vin Diesel Movies I have so many more...I just actually can't say what my favorite movie is
  8. Welcome Sean Paul! Hope you like it here and stick around.
  9. Hey mizrab, you know me aswell from Bryan's forum Welcome, hope you stick around!
  10. I wanted to say something about some of the store item's pics, no offense, but they absolutely suck, (I'm talking about the cars or bikes etc), you have those weird IPB logo's you should get the real pics, I can get them for you if you want...
  11. My desktop: Jeff Hardy PWNS!
  12. Looks pretty cool, I think I'll join up later.
  13. Ok cool, I think I'll enter then aswell since I only recently started playing Vice City again
  14. Can we enter this competition anyway, even if we don't live in the UK, just for fun?
  15. They are? Strange...um, well I guess it doesn't matter since either way you know that one is me and one is my brother
  16. Microsoft, since I don't know any of the others (well I know them, but haven't used them)
  17. How has everyone's day been? I went for a bike ride with my mom and bro today Me and him had a race, smoked his ass (I just had to embarass him on the forum )
  18. Welcome Tatsumaru, hope you get validated soon I guess I should welcome my bro aswell, so Welcome
  19. You need a haircut hippy! :lol j/k, nice pics
  20. Alright, I'll tell him that, and yes we do use the same PC, thats why I asked
  21. Welcome shawsky! We believe you, and we all know typing like that on MSN or text's or whatever, but this is a forum, and we want proper english on here Have fun, and stick around!
  22. I have another question. My bro also wants to sign up to this site, but obviously we have the same interent and with that the same IP...so is there still some way possible for him to sign up, or should I just tell him to leave it so that I don't get banned by accident?
  23. Everyone is welcoem here, aslong as they don't spam etc, but you seem like a nice guy, so I hope you do stick around
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