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  1. I won't be able to vote, a lot of people say that they'd prefer the Tories or the Lib Dems to having the Labour Party in power. If I could vote, it would be for either the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives. The UKIP and BNP will never get my vote.
  2. I feel sorry for the people in Haiti, they were living in a bad situation before as one of the poorest countries (per capita) in the Americas, dwarfed by neighbouring countries of the Dominican Rep. and the USA. Now the situation is even worse. The country is basically leaderless, with the USA basically taking over (hence the thousands of troops and many American helicopters, boats and land vehicles). Anyway, I've so far donated £1.40 towards it, which isn't that bad considering that most of my school donated the same amount - 1000 x £1 and so on. Isn't that the case for most countries receiving aid? That's where tax-payer's money is going, not for your country but for other countries.
  3. The next general election is less than 6 months away. Who do you support?
  4. As we have recently heard on the news, terrorism seems to be making a comeback in many lives - not the ever so minor car bombs and shootings but the larger ones involving aeroplanes. Today the British government raised the terrorism attack threat level to "Severe", one step below critical as this follows the planned and failed attack on Detroit on Christmas 2009. Recent terrorist attacks, attacks that have happened in the past few years in the UK were the Glasgow Airport bombing in which nobody innocent died and the London attacks. Obviously it's not just the UK being effected but these were some of the worse. The United Kingdom will be introducing full body scanners at many major airports next week. I don't really like the idea of this, our privacy is being intruded by the government whenever we want to leave the country or travel domestically within the country. Do you think there will be a major terrorist attack this year? Or will it be another way for the press and governments to scare us?
  5. Thomas.

    Vote now!

    You're not a full member though, you are restricted. Thus you are banned from doing certain things on the forum: i.e. banned from editing your posts, banned from posting too much in one day, banned from using a signature and so on.
  6. Thomas.

    Vote now!

    You were too late. The vote was recently closed.
  7. I couldn't even last one day, I haven't been able to a successful all nighter in a long time. Anyway, I personally wouldn't. If you fall asleep while doing it, you'll probably feel down for not accomplishing it.
  8. I occasionally get the RROD but that easily fixable by taking the plug out the wall. However, I don't think yours is the same though. You probably still have warranty on it so it might be replaceable for free or a minor charge. @ BPB: I got mine on Christmas 2008.
  9. It's melting here... the snow I mean. Finally, I'm getting annoyed at it. The snow is hard as hell, a foot of utter concrete like snow. I want it to go and then come back, fresh.
  10. Well it got to -10 C (14 F) a few nights ago and I really doubt it's going to stay warmer than that during the night - the wind makes this worse. This is the coldest winter of my life, the amount of snow we've had so far is getting ridiculous and it's to keep coming. But it's 3 C (37.4 F) right now.
  11. I can see why France done that, it's not uncommon to see people wearing them in the street in a European town or city anymore. People should be allowed to practice their religion but when you come into a Christian country, you can't expect everything to go your way especially when the majority of the country do not practice Muslim or whatever the religion in question. I agree there.
  12. Thomas.

    What will

    I'm sort of hoping he's someone who speaks English as a first language like Tommy Vercetti. We don't and probably won't know for a while who the main character will be. I also hoping the main character to be either Australian or English, two firsts in the modern GTA series.
  13. "Los Something or other and San Somebody" are places I would think as it says that they "raided her apartment in one of those funny towns down south". So it hasn't got anything to do with CJ's assassin, where ever that idea came from. It also shows that Francis International Airport is not really known and has to be checked just to be sure they are right which is reasonable despite Liberty City being possibly one of the largest cities in GTA America.
  14. I posted in here. Wrong forum and this is about the 3rd time I've seen this topic.
  15. Thomas.

    Let's make a bet!

    I do agree about the clothes shops and car modifications, I completely missed the latter. I think they should have more clothes shops depending on the part of the city - where ever this city is set - if it's near a beach then the shop should sell Swimwear, shorts, sunshades and caps. If the shop is in a Chinese part of the city then they should sell Chinese clothing. I don't like what they did in San Andreas, there were 6 different clothes shops selling the same things across the state whereas if you look at clothes shops here in the UK, some shops in Edinburgh have different things to the same brand in London, Glasgow and Newcastle. I know it's a GTA game, a crime game but I liked the format that they had put in GTA San Andreas - diverse clothing, modifications for vehicles, real estate (more Vice City) and so on. As for car modifications, I don't think they should go as far as San Andreas with this but only limit the Mod shops to several features per car such as Nitrous, colour change and car body changes (i.e. side vents, spoilers and so on). I would like to see a feature like real estate where you buy something and so missions from there just like in Vice City but to a smaller extent.
  16. It's strange how I could access the full site on my old, crapper phone than I can now on a new, better phone. Technology works in mysterious ways. I had posted once or twice on my old phone but I think those posts can't be found as it was that long ago. I use my phone quite a lot of times for accessing and posting statuses on social networking sites, most notably Facebook and most recently Twitter. It would be cool if TGTAP had a feature where you could post your status by text or get feeds from particular topics you choose by text but that would be costly to both TGTAP and the member using this feature, if he or she doesn't have a free text tariff like I do.
  17. I'm not completely sure what my blood type is. I've never really had the chance for it to be checked, it's something I want to know though. I think it's free to get it checked out in this country. My parents don't even know what their blood type is, I don't think they even care what theirs is.
  18. Modern Warfare 2. I see a lot less point in this topic than the other decade topics made.
  19. @ Steam: I just woke up. It's almost 1 here so it sounds like you've done worse than me.
  20. 2009 went fast didn't it? In fact the whole decade sort of went fast.
  21. Happy New Year guys! I hope you have a good 2010!
  22. Be patient. Although, the crappy music on the Hogmanay Edinburgh event is making it seem longer.
  23. Thomas.

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I want it to be in Vice City or Chicago. I don't want it to have aeroplanes. I want it to have more quality rather than the length. I want the city to be big but I prefer having a slightly smaller city but with better quality. I also want the graphics to be better but not over the top. I want the main character to be an American like Niko and Tommy together. It won't be in San Andreas. If you want the map to be big then the cities will be small, if I remember correctly there are 3 cities in San Andreas which Rockstar aren't going to do. I think they're more likely to focus on one individual cities and not in a region with 3 cities in it. Out of the San Andreas cities, I would want it to be Las Venturas. It's a city in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. If they do do San Andreas then I would assume they would make each of three cities as individual islands but that wouldn't be as fun as it would be too much like GTA IV and what could be fit on the islands would be very limited. This is where I prefer Vice City as a choice. It's more diverse and is much like the city of Miami when they made it in 2003. It is physically based on Miami.
  24. Ever since I got Modern Warfare 2, I think that's the best game but my mind changes a lot about 'the best game'. Out of all the games I've played, these 4 are my favourites: GTA Vice City: I adored this game when it first came out and I was surprised my parents let me play it. I still adore this game albeit a lot less than when I did get it. Call of Duty 3: Another game I adored. I love war games and this was the first one I had ever played. GTA IV: The quality of this game was immense, it has to be 1st or 2nd in my choice of favourite games. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: The quality of this game was also immense, it also has to be 1st or 2nd in my choice of favourite games. Out of them I have to say that GTA IV and CoD MW2 are my ultimate favourites with my penultimate favourite being GTA Vice City.
  25. Yeah, Swine Flu was exaggerated. I was told that I was likely to get it but that hasn't happened yet. It was meant to be back this winter, where is it? Oh right. I knew that but somehow managed to put February instead. Thanks.
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