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  1. Ooh This is new... Can comment on (spam :P) statuses. Yus :3

    1. EvoLuTioN


      You Dawg! I heard you like comments, So i commented on your comment so you can read my comment while you read your comment.

    2. Thomas.


      lolwut. COMMENTS ARE GREAT :D (Playing along here :3)

  2. got a sunburn on my face after Alton Towers - it's gonna hurt >.<

  3. Hey Scott :)

    How are things?

  4. Came too late by the looks of things. Shame I couldn't speak in the FFM Private Forum for one last time. The reason I wasn't here for all of April was because I was stuck in Florida for the whole month. The reason why I haven't been on since February onwards is because my dog died and I lost interest in TGTAP :/

  5. Moved to Grand Theft Auto VC Modding.
  6. Maybe invest in advertising it a bit more on other websites, however, this be a little bit expensive. I could certainly try spreading the site around to my friends and what not, but most of them aren't into GTA any more.
  7. Hi guys, I went on a somewhat long absence from here and a lot has happened. The reasons I was away for so long was that I was stuck in Florida for the whole of April and I am focusing on school at the moment. I have came on in the past fortnight or so but I didn't make any posts or anything. I have to apologise to Gerard for not helping out with the GTA VC Gameplay & Help forum as I am Forum Boss of that but I've simply not had the time in the past 3 or 4 months but I am hoping to continue on with this job into the summer and I didn't feel attached to the internet as I was before due to the death of my beloved dog in February. Anyway back to real life. Next week (the week that begins on the 24th of May), I will be going on a Duke Of Edinburgh Award expedition in the Ochils in Central Scotland and I will be going to Alton Towers again on Thursday evening, hopefully arriving on the morning of Friday. It will be fun week hopefully, but I bet my feet will be killing me so I'll be able to sleep on the bus ride to Alton Towers. Thomas.
  8. Damn, it is an end of an era for TGTAP. The Gang System was actually the best way for people to make new friends and new people to talk to. Friendly rivalries between the LCF and the FFM were once in existence back when the FFM first formed. It truly had its worthwhile memories and maybe some that are wanting to be forgotten but it was a good place to have a chat, chill out for the day and catch up with your fellow "gang members".
  9. What an idiot, that's a hard wad of cash that was spent. I've played Farmville before, yes it can get slightly addictive but not to the extent that I actually would use real money on it. That boy needs a life and after the rollocking he probably got off his mother, I'd be surprised if he didn't want a life.
  10. Hung Parliament lol. I can't vote. I would've voted for the lib dems but it wouldn't have made a difference to be honest.
  11. My first award won this year Yet that was hard to get. Congratulations to all who won something!
  12. And competition. We used to compete to see who could post the most, overall. It was good.
  13. This topic is getting quite harsh. He changed his mind at the last minute, so what? He did say that he was going to be busy and might be leaving the site temporarily, who's to say that he won't. It's like you guys are encouraging him to leave which is not appropriate as we all are members who have also had our lows. Yes Raybob may annoy you but he's been given a chance of redemption, what we need to do is help him get better. Yelling and slagging off other members is not the way to go, it's immature. It's no wonder why Raybob wants to leave, he gets this from us everyday. I like this new restricted group idea, it allows members to improve before they get the possible ban. Insulting members will not be helping them and causing their 'behaviour' to become worse. Restricted members may well be similar to 2nd class citizens but they should also be treated as a member of the forum. Members generally follow the rules, so should restricted members but insulting Raybob for creating a topic, which was valid at the time of creation, makes you worse than Raybob.Yes he may have made a topic that annoyed you, but you could at least try to ignore it. You're giving Raybob what he wants - attention.
  14. I don't think they should bring back the San Andreas that they made a few years ago. Maybe a redesign of one of the cities, for me that would be Las Vegas/Las Venturas. It'd be a great game.
  15. 'Islamic Terrorism' is more of a threat to the United States. I'm not old enough to remember IRA but my parents tell me stories about their experiences with them - for example, they were driving into Hartlepool or another Yorkshire town beginning with 'H' with a car with an Irish registration, by chance Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was also in Hartlepool. They got stopped by the police just to be checked. The London bombings only happened in 2005 because the Metropolitan Police were down numbered due to the G8 summit that was happening in Gleneagles, Scotland. Then in 2007, Glasgow Airport was bombed. I remember watching both on the news. I was appalled, more so than what happened on 9/11 because terrorism was happening here not there.
  16. I've never had a wet dream neither. I know because I generally don't masturbate in bed and... you know how you can tell if you've had a wet dream (stains). I voted 3 days.
  17. Not really, I don't want to go out with anyone right now. My dog died last Saturday and my sister had to go into Stirling Royal Infirmary for an operation so I can't really cope with it. I have to be there for my family more than I could possibly be with a girlfriend and I don't want to push her to the back of my priorities because of what's happened. Anyway, I was going out with someone until Wednesday when we decided to end it. But we've been wanting to start back up soon, just not tonight or tomorrow. I have been asked and I've told her that I need time to decide so she knows that I could take a little while. I couldn't do anything tomorrow anyway, my sister's coming home and we now have responsibility of looking after her, helping her walk to the toilet and what not. Not going to be fun. I did plan to go to the cinema or to Stirling with my girlfriend but then this happened and then we ended it temporarily so we couldn't.
  18. Again, what part of that sentence wasn't English? I believe that WRX his status like that for a laugh, I found it confusing and funny. Raybob, you've just got of a suspension, again. Why are you ruining it for yourself and insulting others? I thought after a week you would be able to forget about it but it seems not. Next step is a ban most likely but after all that complaining about the restricted group, I don't think you'd mind a permanent vacation from TGTAP.
  19. Like TM, I'm not that active on here anymore but I am active enough to see the posts and immature comments that Raybob's been making. And I agree with the whole of TM's post just to say. Raybob, I can assure you that many people on this forum do not want you here, some of them may be Moderators or Admins. But you have been given a chance to help correct yourself. The way you've acted the past few months tell me at least that you're not willing to be here and you want to be banned. Some member in the restricted group don't complain, they are trying to get themselves out of the group and are following rules and advice. You on the other hand just seem to enjoy complaining about this 'wonderful' new status of yours. You got yourself in this group, this means that only you can get yourself out - although you have been suspended twice while in the group, third time you're probably going to get banned. I really doubt you will get yourself out of the group, but you can but try even if it's hopeless. If you don't like being in the group then leave.
  20. Well that's worrying. I understand why America is on full alert, I'll be on a transatlantic flight in March from Paris to Atlanta. I don't think that's a worrying flight... but nobody can be sure.
  21. Ah, Niko Bellic. Je ne l'aime pas, J'aime Luis. Il est tres bon. Mon favouri personnage de Grand Theft Auto est Tommy Vercetti ou Carl Johnson. Niko a un accent etrange. Il m'agace.
  22. What if in some cases you couldn't physically look after your parents? I'm not talking about being disabled either mentally or physically, I'm talking about not being able to in different reasons. Someone may not be able to look after them for many reasons like: You're way too busy, just like your parents were at the same age. Sometimes they even sent you to a childminder or after school club. You don't live in the same country as your parents. You may have moved country because you wanted a better place or environment to work. You may live too far to look after your parents, for example, you could live in London but your parent(s) live in Edinburgh. Making it virtually impossible to take care of your parents. Your parents may not want your help. You hate your parents. You have a life of your own to develop or control. Looking after your parents will take much of this away. Your parents may not need help. Just because they're or they will be elderly, doesn't automatically make them vulnerable and in desperate need of care. Take a look at the far east for example. People over there don't regard elderly people as vulnerable, they regard them as respected. My grandpa is finding it difficult to walk, and yet he still manages to live his own life by himself. My grandparents in Florida don't need my dad and my aunt all the time, yes they miss us occasionally but they are perfectly healthy and look after each other when something occurs. It shouldn't always be the responsibility of the son or daughter to look after their parents. And it's not up to the already hated government to decide whether or not parents need help by their children.
  23. Yes, we know. This is about the 10th "i h8 utube" topic I have encountered on here. Viewing videos are fine for me by the way.
  24. It's good that it's coming back to the UK. Sometimes the site could get really slow when you have these adverts about Virgin, O2 and Thomas Cook appearing where the ads normally are, they tend to kill the internet on my computer - so I have to close TGTAP tab, go on to other sites and come back later. Hopefully, this'll be less of an issue when TGTAP server moves.
  25. Yeah, but even in the other topics about Politics and the BNP, there wasn't a lot, if any who supported them. My area has been dominated by Labour for the past 10 years and I doubt that is going to change because they had 50% of the vote in 2005 (according to Wikipedia). Next was SNP at 20% and the Lib Dems with 16%. Nobody likes the Tories where I live, but I think Labour has a firm grip on my town, unfortunately. Anyone heard of Eric Joyce? He claimed over £180,000 in 2008 from tax payer money and £174,000 in 2006. He's Falkirk's MP.
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