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  1. What's also bad is the fact that our generation will be the ones cleaning up the mess made by the generation above us.
  2. I don't mind European Citizens immigrating to the UK as long as they've taken the effort to learn English. It should be tightened for European Union Citizens anyway. When I walk the streets almost everyday, it's now impossible to see various different ethnicities like people from India, Pakistan and, increasingly, China. These are the countries that are beginning to cause problems for the UK, especially China who itself has a population of over a billion. Both Pakistan and India were once a part of the British Empire but declared independence in the Early to Mid 20th century, back then I doubt they had realised how being a part of Britain was as vital as it is now. Pakistan is a backwards country and people are rapidly fleeing it and the reasons we are getting the amount of people we are is because their countries are swelling due to the sheer amount of people in them. But if we were to make it harder for these cultures to get in then we'd have to do it for all cultures (except European whom we have an agreement with; we'd have to leave the EU before closing the borders to European which I doubt will happen). The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand get far more lenient requirements for becoming British citizens because of 1) their status and 2) their history. If restrictions were laid out then we'd find it hard to become citizens in those countries. The BNP cannot simply close the borders. They probably wouldn't close the border's for people leaving the country but other countries will not want a citizen of a country whose government doesn't let many other cultures in.
  3. It is indeed. Well... it's quite a small country if you think about it. I'm sort of proud to be born as a Yorkshire person, it's quite a nice, yet historical place with loads of nice people, supposedly. It has a weird accent and is slightly incomprehensible to a certain extent to those with London accent.
  4. I doubt the BNP will ever be in power, they can't run the party let alone the country. If the people of the UK have any common sense, it's that nobody can trust the BNP. It'd be Nazi Germany all over again, except with persecution of all ethnic minorities. @ Gerard: That guy is the exact opposite of a democratic politician. I thought politicians of our country were meant to discuss the views of the people, not of themselves. This is one of the reasons I don't like Labour.
  5. As far as my family history goes back - to the 1500s right now - my family has been living in the UK since then. Although I believe my mum's side of the family is of Pict/Viking origin (Surnames Noble and Brown) and my dad's side is of Saxon origin. But if you count the last hundred or so years, it is mainly English heritage (dad's side is from London and mum's side is from Edinburgh, Newcastle and York). Apparently 300 years ago my family were farmers but I don't know before or after that. My own personal nationality, i.e. where I was born is English. My sister and I were born in York, England but moved to Falkirk when I was 4. My dad is from Reading, England and my mum's from Newcastle, England.
  6. You also have the Celts (Ireland), Picts (Northern Scotland) and the Norse (Norway, Sweden and Denmark). What I think they mean is people who have: 1. Been born in the United Kingdom 2. Have parents who were born in the United Kingdom 3. Has had a family who is of British heritage or lived in Great Britain for about a century.
  7. Oh, locked. I won't move it though, there is no point.
  8. J'aime le GTA San Andreas mais aussi J'aime GTA IV. C'est mieux parce que des graphiques et ses personnage. Ne utilisez pas les traductions de Google ou tous des autres, ils ne sont pas bien. ** Guys, keep with the international forum rules and refrain from posting in English or any other language in topics that aren't of that language.
  9. I've locked plenty of topics. Old ones that aren't likely to be found again.

    Maybe if you try really hard you might get out of the restricted group but I doubt it. It would be nice to see though.

  10. I really don't like the timeline idea, it seems far too long. However, if the timeline was slightly shorter, for example, over the course of 10 years instead of 100. It'd focus more on the more important events whereas if it was 100 years the game may have less and less events than what it could.
  11. Thanks for that man. Was posting something in another topic when that guy replied in that GTAVC Topic.

    You have a bad neg rep. :(. I gave you a positive rep for that post you made because you did something good.

  12. At least 10% of the population is not British. You and I are probably native English, my best friend is Chinese. A lot of the UK is native, we could track it back centuries (my family has been tracked back to the 1500s England and Scotland), if that's what they mean by non-natives. I agree with you about the BNP, I hate them so bad and they have the audacity to kick all non-English, Scottish and Welsh people out of the UK. It's appalling. On top of that, I want the UK to remain part of the EU.
  13. I support the British Liberal Democrats. I prefer them because they are somewhere in between the Conservatives and Labour.
  14. I don't know what people saw in Olly. I didn't think he could sing as well as Joe could but a lot of people from my school were saying otherwise. Besides, Joe got 60% of the vote. I'm friends with him on Twitter. However, there are about 20 facebook profiles of him. It's quite sad that only one of them is real.
  15. This forum has been quite inactive lately and I thought it may be a good idea to liven it up a little bit. I know that the X-Factor series 6 ended last night but I'm just curious to know who you supported for it. Joe McElderry, winner of the 2009 X-Factor. His mentor was Cheryl Cole. He's from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England. Olly Murs, second place in the 2009 X-Factor. His mentor was Simon Cowell. He's from Witham, Essex, England. Stacey Solomon, third place in the 2009 X-Factor. Her mentor was Danii Minoque. She's from Dagenham, London, England. This is only meant for a good discussion so don't start fighting over who thought someone should've won and please keep to finalists. I don't particularly want to hear about John & Edward, Candy Rain nor anyone else who didn't end up in the final.
  16. I agree with you there, I remember buying a tommy toy from Safeway in York years ago but it's quite distant. I used to also love the Teletubbies when I was little, they were great. Scoobie Doo . As for Disney, I don't think I really liked many Disney films in my early childhood, I do, however, think that I preferred Bambi and Dumbo. Does anyone from the UK remember Pingu? That was epic.
  17. I seriously doubt the world will end in 2012, although it may well be possible. The films may be good but they may be scaring people half to death with all this crap, for example, 2012 the film was excellent but it isn't likely to happen nor would the Day After Tomorrow for a long time. I think it's just one way of historians, scientists, media and governments to scare people, it's just like the Large Hadron Collider last year but it was a success a few months ago.
  18. He should be tried here, we can't let the USA always get what they want from us, like the Lockerbie Bomber case in August. He is a British Citizen who committed his crime on British soil but directed his crime to America. Even so, as a British citizen he should face British law, jury and penalties, albeit jail time.
  19. Maria Carey - All I want for Christmas is you.
  20. Why on earth are you suggesting these now? We had almost the whole of last week to bring in new award categories.
  21. GTA Awards Most Knowledgeable (GTA Portables): Most Knowledgeable (Classic GTAs): Most Knowledgeable (GTA 3 Era): Urbanoutlaw Most Knowledgeable (GTA IV Era): Noru Most Knowledgeable (Modifications): Best Member Awards Most Respected Member: Scott Most Respected Staff Member: Gerard Best Forum Boss: Bear Most Helpful Member: TM Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Best Debater: Spaz the Great Highest Quality Posts: Bear Most Improved Member: Spider-Vice Best New Member of 2009: Random Awards Funniest Member: Biggest Geek: Steam Most Original Username: MrLlamaLlama Most Missed Member: Quickdeath Member You'd Most Want to Meet: Noru Creative Awards Best Avatar: Gerard Best Signature: Noru Best Graphics Designer: TM Best Creative Writing:
  22. This is me several mins ago. Sorry for the poor quality, my phone doesn't like taking dark pictures and I didn't want to turn on the lights, it would spoil the effect. Although not a mugshot, just thought I'd post a pic of the Christmas tree and my dining room in the dark. This was taken several minutes ago (15:48) Possible OTT with the indoor Christmas lights? I have some in my bedroom, there are some hanging up on the mirror on the right hand side of the photo but they aren't switched on. I <3 Tesco, cheap Christmas lights and trees.
  23. I agree with you there. More would be better with more activity, which there seemed to be a lack of this year.
  24. Parlez de Grand Theft Auto. Il y a beaucoup des séries de Grand Theft Auto: Grand Theft Auto­ Grand Theft Auto 2 Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto IV Aussi, tu parles du futur de Grand Theft Auto, par exemple, Grand Theft Auto V. Tu dois respecter et suivre les règles (en anglais) du forum.
  25. Thomas.

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    What I wouldn't mind seeing is the environment change around the character, for example, A building could be shot with a rocket, it gets damaged and after a few in-game days, scaffolding appears. I wouldn't mind seeing CCTV introduced as a feature in certain missions. It's becoming a lot more common nowadays to have CCTV cameras in almost every commercial building, street and service building. The introduction of usable Online Shops for say guns or other utilities.
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