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  1. What do you think are your personal highlights and the global highlights of the 00s? These can be anything significant to you, your friends or family or in the world whether good or bad, it's up to you. We may have a vote on the biggest global highlights or events of the last decade but you have to nominate them. For me: The worst highlights of the decade (world): September 11th 2001 I remember watching this on the TV on the day it happened, even then I was distraught and - due to my young age - fascinated at a tower falling down. I regard it as one of the worst attacks against humanity in the last 50 years. I also remember that I was in Primary 3 (English Year 3) and the announcement thing (tannoy (sort of like an airport PA)) announced that the towers had collapsed and over 2000 people were killed. The best highlights of the decade (world): January 20th 2009 George Bush gone, Barack Obama comes in. Thank God the Bush Administration is gone. May 1st 2004 The European Union expands to 26 member states, its largest expansion yet. Countries admitted: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus I like it because it makes travelling and living in Europe much easier. I'll have to think of my personal highlights because there are loads.
  2. I know that Da (да) is the same in many slavic languages.
  3. Happy New Year to those countries that are 5 to 6 hours ahead of the UK! I will probably post again in 5 hours and 20 minutes.
  4. Happy New Year to you I guess! I've still got 6 and a half hours to wait.

  5. Playstation. I wasn't a gamer until around 2002 when I began playing GTA games. My mum bought it when I was around four years old. So in 1998. Understandably, nobody played it much for a few years.
  6. I really wish I had XBL again to play against some of you guys. The campaign's quite good but didn't last very long but I guess this game's more about the multiplayer side.
  7. Wrong Forum, topic moved to GTA Vice City Modding.
  8. I could never connect to TGTAP on my phone as I think it was too large for my phone to handle in terms of memory (don't matter about pictures at all though). Yet I could access websites like the BBC, Facebook and Youtube with ease - all of whom had a mobile site. This was several months ago but I don't think it has changed. I tried going on it on the period I was largely inactive from here in October but it wouldn't work. I don't go on the internet on my phone because when I had internet it was free. I need to keep topping up £15 to do that. Anyway, I think that people should have access to the forums so's to check on posts and create posts of their own. The homepage and news should definitely be in it as that's the main page of the website. Content might not be necessary but would make life easier for those who have to keep running to their PC to find information about any of GTA games. Downloads are unnecessary as you can't physically use them on your mobile phone, it would be a pointless waste of time and effort.
  9. Texas would be a massive difference to New York and the other cities in America that have been used. I would much prefer a large city based on Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston than have all four of those cities crowded on to one map. The problem with Texas is with regards to water (rivers, seas and what not) which Rockstar Games adds to distance the city from the mainland. Almost all the cities we have had so far have had water (large bodies of) separating the city (or cities in regards to the GTA IV Engine) from the actual country it's in. But that's when Rockstar starts being creative... I still think that Miami would be a great choice, chronologically it's next in the series but we'll have to wait and see.
  10. Oui, Il est le meilleur web-site de GTA. J'ai été ici pendant trois ans. C'est très important pour moi.
  11. I enjoyed the TBoGT over TLaD. TBoGT is more of what I would prefer to do than the all the biker stuff. Anyone notice the change of the colour of the environment in TBoGT, it gets darker later and there are loads of pink sunsets. I hated Mori as well. Yusuf was quite fun. Tony was a bit struck out but that's okay given the situation he was in. I hated Rocco and Vince too. I loved this view of the game, it's the best out of the three despite its short length.
  12. A tenth of the population is still quite a lot compared to a few decades ago. I'm for immigration to the UK but not too much, we get over 500,000 applications a year - that, I think, needs to be reduced to say 350,000. We're now part of a combined society of many cultures, people and religions. I hate racist people, especially the BNP, and people who can't explain why they hate other cultures. It's not fair on the cultures being slagged off for being ever so slightly different from us in terms of culture and colour - underneath we are all the same. I hate all of those Pakistani jokes going around too, albeit older than the current Irish jokes.
  13. Then this is your chance to improve, don't be like Raybob - insulting members and members of staff. My best advise to you is don't spam and only post when you have something decent to say. Raybob constantly posted crap in the Computing & Tech forum that everyone mainly ignored. That is probably one of the several reasons why he was put into the restricted group.
  14. Sorry to say but Brighton beach is terrible. I thought it was like one of those perfect Florida beaches before I actually got on it. It's hard on your ass anyway, it took me several minutes before I stood because it was going numb.
  15. Damn, my plan's been foiled. What I should probably do is meet up with someone in Scotland or Northern England before I attend one of these things, I've only ever had experience going to the City of Stirling alone and that's about it. I've never been to anything bigger by myself, nevermind getting there on a train, plane or bus by myself with a bunch of strangers to get to London or something. The journey's just far too long for me right now - it's a matter of age and lack of experience, the transport system in Britain is getting more dangerous now. I ought to go to Edinburgh and Newcastle on my own a few times to get the hang of it before going to London, Brighton and Burgess Hill in the summer for a second year. I'm almost 16 so it shouldn't be a problem then - no need for parental consent.
  16. Wear a pair of sunglasses - top of your head, on your face or dangling from your shirt. Even if it isn't sunny. Most of us probably own sunglasses so it's a decent choice.
  17. Kings Cross from Falkirk to London for me. £30 for a return ticket. Won't be going though, I don't get a half term in February and I have Work Experience in late Feb. Will defo go to the meet up after this one though.
  18. Looks like you had a fun time so which one went home with you? None of them... We had to dash away because it was pissing it down with snow. :/
  19. Last night... The dance was fun
  20. This isn't looking good for you Raybob. You didn't say it publicly but you still said it.
  21. Then don't act like a dick in front of the whole forum, if you don't like it then go ahead and leave.
  22. I liked Brighton when I went in July. It was sort of fun but I was only there for several hours. Only really went on the pier though, that was still good. I went on a few rides.
  23. Let's think of it this way. The USA are the terrorists really simply because they invaded some random country in the 70s, 80s or 90s without thinking about the future. These countries should not have been invaded as they had no right to, it is like Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland. They want to exterminate communism, so they declared war on many god damn communist countries. Yet when they are 'invaded' by terrorists, they call them 'terrorists' when they did the exact same many years or decades prior. If the US don't like what they are getting then why dish it out in the first place? They are only going to make the situation worse by giving the so called 'terrorists' (as described in the media) attention. All they want is to kill and to get attention. Listen little boy, what your saying is that it's ok for the US to have nuclear weapons because they are responsible with them but if any other country has them we should nuke them because they might nuke us for no apparent reason. I'm sorry, what? If any country was to launch a nuclear warhead at America then they would ultimately not care about their country being nuked as well because by the time that first nuke is launched, America will have every single one of their's going straight towards that country. That means that both country's would have been fucked and nobody wins or proves anything. The whole world would be in danger if this were to happen. The one nuke wouldn't just affect the countries firing at each other but the whole world, which is why I believe the UN are trying to get rid of nuclear weapons. Getting rid of them is a fair initiative but as Gerard said, it's impossible.
  24. They are, if you think about it, treated worse in Zimbabwe than the people were treated in Iraq. In this case it wasn't logical to go into Iraq for human rights but was it really better to go in for weapons of mass destruction and oil? For the past decade or so, we've literally been watching the problem in Zimbabwe and all we've done is ban Robert Mugabe from our country. This is when I think something should be done, not Afghanistan and Iraq - those are American problems.
  25. Completely the wrong forum dude, you should posted in the General Gaming Forum. Anyway, I do remember the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventures, however, I've never played it. I've never taken a fancy to those sorts of games, i.e. games like Mario, Sonic and so on. I don't like them much nowadays either, it all looks the same as when they came out to me.
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