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  1. Have fun in Amsterdam, I heard it's quite nice and I wouldn't mind going.

  2. I know who done them as well :/

  3. Yeah, that sig is the best :). That post was OK, it's just the other reps that weren't.

  4. I think we've got something like Rep Abuse, although not unheard of, it is annoying me because I've got about +11 rep which is higher than any other member on here by about five. I know it's something to feel good about but I don't because I know it's abuse.
  5. The Leone Mafia were not in GTA IV, hardly anything came back from previous GTAs apart from car names and the name of the cities. It ultimately was replaced by the Pegorino Family.
  6. It's not a decision by the Scottish government, it's a decision made by a certain person. Can't remember his position though. Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Justice Secretary and First Minister Alex Salmond. Basically, the SNP were in favour of Megrahi's release. So far statements have been made against the decision from the Prime Minister of the UK Gordon Brown, the United States President Barack Obama, Former First Minister of Scotland Jack McConnell and Hilary Clinton. I think most head of states are appalled at the decision apart from perhaps the Libyan leader, the leader of Scotland, and perhaps several other African leaders.
  7. I think that he is innocent to a certain extent after weeks of reading articles in Saturday newpapers it is turning me into thinking that he was not responsible for the attack. I read that five CIA officials had deliberately missed the flight from London Heathrow and that a man was paid something like $1.5 million by the United States in order to give evidence against Megrahi. I think there should be another public enquiry into the incident, I think that it was the right decision for the Scottish Government to release Megrahi as many are having second thoughts about this guy actually doing it. Have any of you read the letter that the FBI sent to the Scottish Government? Click Here to read it.
  8. Welcome back! I remember you applying for FFM membership but we turned you away for being too young.
  9. I voted for MSN/Chatting. No comment about the porn though, hardly surprising that one or two of us do.
  10. Hey, haven't spoken to you on here or on MSN for a while. How are you?

  11. Hey, how are you?

  12. I'm fine as well, seems like this holiday has gone quite fast. :( I enjoyed my holidays too, shame it's over for me.

  13. Yeah, a nice shade of dark grey would do nicely with it I think. Maybe also make an effect like in the fast reply area where it goes from a lighter shade of dark blue to a very slightly darker shade of dark blue except in this case dark grey or light grey.
  14. I know this is old news but I am wondering what you guys thought about the decision of the Scottish Government to release the man responsible for the deaths of 270 people on the 21st December 1988 in Lockerbie, Scotland. Details about the worst terrorist attack on British soil: Wikipedia Details about the release of the bomber from different perspectives: BBC - Sky News - The Times - New York Times
  15. Ein tausend Häuser Qu'est-ce que j'ai dit en allemand ? Tu prends une conjecture !
  16. Hey, I haven't spoken to you in a while. How are you? On a side note, nice graphics, keep it up :)

  17. Click this button when you edit your about me page: That should help you get your page back to normal.
  18. I'd use my fingers, I wouldn't really care if the screen becomes dirty, as long as it still works and I can see what I'm doing on the phone. I much prefer standard phones though. But people complain more when they do or type something wrong with their fingers when they could've got it right using the pen.
  19. Sorry but anyone found a fix for this. Since other ppl's pages also look the same way. Yeah, I've noticed it too. It seems that the BBCode for central alignment isn't working. Try updating it with the new tools that you can post with. Test... The centre alignment tool works in posts and in the about me page when you use the IPB3 buttons around the area where you can modify your post.
  20. Yeah. Funnily enough I made it in time and the teacher was late
  21. I like the new IPB, it looks quite good. I like the new status feature in particular, despite it being small, you can tell others if you're going away, sick or the mood one is in. I also like how your profile tells you how much posts you have made in total with the forum fun & off-topic inclusive. Not too fond of the skin though.
  22. I freak out when I get lost in a city or something big but that isn't much. The last time was yesterday, we had to move into a new school and needed the toilet, and I didn't know where they are. Not only that, I needed to go into my locker to get my history jotter and maths jotter, it was 5 minutes before the bell so I was feeling rather awkward. It was the first day of school and I didn't want to be late for History as it's my favourite subject. I asked where the loo was and found it in the cafeteria so I had my piss, washed my hands and the bell went, my locker's at the other side of the school on the FIRST floor. My god that was hell.
  23. Hey, I've had fun. Back to school yesterday :(.

  24. Welcome back Matt! Had fun?

  25. Back to school yesterday. Actually it wasn't that bad, next week I might be watching my old school be demolished. It's weird, I'm now a senior in a completely different school, we got a new school constructed over the past two years and it just opened. I was given a tour of it on Thursday but that wasn't a school day. Now I have to show these new S1s their way around. So I've started my higher course which resembles the English A levels.
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