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  1. Yeah :P But I really only supported Chelsea for one match. My sister asked me to find a football team to support so I chose one (With some help from other people) she was expecting me to pick a Scottish team but scottish football fans are too up themselves :P

  2. I'm good, a little tired too but still awake :P

  3. Yeah but I do agree with him that it looks like I misspelled it.

  4. Hey, so how are you? (I would have over hundreds of E-mails if I hadn't have disabled the "email notification" for comment :P)

  5. Lol, nope. My hair is far to long to spike up.

  6. Lol, yeah. Pedro = Hawt! Nawt XD

  7. So your 16 from the UK on TGTAS but 29 and from germany on here. I'm confused :s

  8. That below comment was kind of a joke ;). I just wanted to say MishoM :P

  9. Lol, if you have Firefox 3, drag your sig out into the dark grey area. That shocked me when I was told it.

  10. Are you a fan of Heath Ledger? (or w/e he's called) RIP HL

  11. Hey ME SHOW EM :P How are you?

  12. Lol, I was one of the first people on TGTAP you knew on here :P With ogm and a few others.

  13. Hye mate, just about 50 posts to go until you reach 6000.

  14. Who the f*ck is Rick?

  15. v bit late

  16. Even though your banned, I thought I'd give an old friend a happy birthday!

  17. what happened to the gta sector?

  18. Lol, Yeah I know. But it looks better :P

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