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Status Updates posted by Thomas.

  1. Pedobears gonna get you on your birthday! How are you today?

  2. It works now. Before it just came up with a google search thing.

  3. Yeah, it doesn't work.

  4. Lifes been boring too, almost finished my exams.

  5. I tried accessing your site but it doesn't work.

  6. Hey, I was told what happened earlier. :( How are you?

  7. Hey! How are you?

  8. gtapn works now (Topics)

  9. No problem, the best thing is that I wouldn't myself have a clue about what would be happening.

  10. London gets fucking snow and Scotland doesn't :P Weird huh? (a few weeks ago ofc) How are you?

  11. Welcome back! DO you want us at the FFM to have a look at your old request?

  12. Yeah they suck :P I just had a Biology test the other week back... got one of the worst results in the class :P

  13. Hey, I'm ok. I've got the exams soon, about 6 weeks or so.

  14. Yo! lol I'm bored so i'll just say... How are you?

  15. I tried but failed :(

  16. oh hi lol. Ta, I wonder who voted me down in the first place :P

  17. Hullo, wuu2?

  18. I don't exactly speak Spanish. The UK speaks english mate. lrn2internet

  19. eh... who cares. stop flaming my profile.

  20. seriously wtf... honestly.

  21. Can you access GTAPN?

  22. I forgot to say in the below comment: I had a re-vamp of my friends list so I'll re-add you into it ;):)

  23. v lol. Anyway, yeah, I can't wait either... I missed TSOGTA.

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