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How many hours


How many hours are you on the PC a day?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Hours?

    • less than an hour
    • 1-3 h
    • 4-6 h
    • 7-9 h
    • 10+ h

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I voted 10+ hours a day. First of all, there isn't much to do here other than video games, internet, tv, movies ... etcetera. My computer is my TV and I watch a lot of movies on the computer. And if anyone has ever noticed, I'm almost always on the computer.

I would go with an honest 12 hours a day.

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Well...My mom said to me when I stayed more than 6 hours at my PC "when you`ll have 30 you will wear glasses, why do you stay so much on that stupid PC, what do you find in it?You wanna be like your grandma when in 30?".

So guys, that stay more than 6 hors/day at the PC :You`ll have problems with your eyes later in your life because of your monitor sends some radiations that harm our eyes!

But who cares :) PC addicted!

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