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Help me choose an online alias


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I want to start using an alias rather than my real name on the majority of sites I visit and also for things such as Xbox Live. However, I'm having trouble finding one which 1. Isn't used by millions of other people and 2. doesn't make me sound like a 12 yr old who think they're awesome.

Those of you who have been here long enough will remember for a few months in 2005 I used PyrOxide - a concatenation of Pyro (pyromaniac) and oxide (oxygen). This was not too bad, and seeing as I actually am a pyromaniac it was quite fitting, so if I could incorporate the word "Pyro" into a new name that would be good. Of course there are some other things we need, some more cool words.

A name I came up with earlier was "IceColdPyro" - this seems pretty unique, I searched google and there is just 1 person who went by that name, and they had 0 posts on the forum it was on, which pretty much means no one is using it actively, anywhere. It's also not being used on Xbox Live which is great, and I'll also be able to use it for my PS3 gamer tag.

The thing is, I'd rather just have it as 2 words, not more... IcePyro is taken...

Then there's the option of putting something to do with GTA in it, but I can't think of anything decent.

So if you can think of 2 words which sound pretty good together, post them here :)

Oh and my initials are CJP... if you think you could use them in a name...

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FINE THEN COME UP WITH YOUR OWN NAME! I mean i'm just saying. I don't like people calling my ideas shit. It hurts My feelings.

Well, y'know, when you're suggesting using the name TOMMY VERCETTI in conjunction with the word PYRO for a well known WEBSITE ADMIN to use, I think he's in his right mind to call the idea shitty.

Hm... I'll have to look in my Science book for some Scientific words that might suit it.

Ok here:

- PyroMonoxide

- PyroDioxide

- PyroNitrate

- PyroSulphate

Well that all I could think of, If I can think of anymore, I'll post them again.

You MIGHT want to look up definitions before suggesting words....

OOOOH, scientific words??? PYROMETHANE!!!! :lolbounce:

insane_pyro28 . :mellow:

I literately lifted my hands in the air and clapped at that one. Multiple times.

I came up with your last name, Chris, and that was too hard as it was. I retire this time around -.-

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