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GTA IV Trailer Released!


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That Church looks like the Church from Grand Theft Auto 3 and LCS.

coughcoughJUSTSAIDTHATcoughcough :P

JK but ya, sure does.

My mom said the first time she watched the vid she said the guy looked and sounded mexican but she now thinks ya, it's russian since she watched it again. I made her lol.

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I also saw the "Liberty City" on the back of that boat, just below "Platypus", could Australia feature in the game??? I hope so

No, I don't think that's a big clue that Australia could be in the game. It's already seen to be in Liberty City already.

I know that, it's just because I'm Australian, It'd be pretty cool to know the road I'm driving along etc. although it definitely hope over reality.

Edit: Yep, Platypusses are from Australia.

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Those are going to be awesome and so is GTAIV! Everything is so cool, a bit disappointed about the Liberty location but they redesigned it and expanded it so much which makes up for it! It looks phenomenal :D The Russian protaganist is also cool because I'm sorta Russian... Long story ;) Still can't wait for more trailers and the game itself!

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I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but did anyone notice that the main character in the GTA IV trailer looks a lot like the antagonist in Behind Enemy Lines?


Looks really similar to me. Looks like they switched the color of the pants and the jacket though, if you watch the video (the picture of the GTA guy is really unclear) you'll see that he's wearing track pants that are the same color as the antagonist from Behind Enemy Lines' jacket.

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Honestly guys, I`m really dissapointed.The graphics are amazing, the character look like a motherf***er, I mean I don`t wanna play that guy, he looks like shit.Why isn`t a 18year-old teen-ager not this 40 dude.I`m dissapointed by the city too.I mean I`m tired of NY, if it doesn`t have other cities I think this game`s sales will drop...

Hey guys don`t be dissapointed, R* said they don`t make sequels that have 10%, so they probably know what they`re doing, I just hope that guy is not the main-character he ennoyed me when I fisrt saw him.

Hey guys have you noticed something?At the end it shows the russian(or whatever) but when you see a guy in the car there is a blonde dude, I mean I`m not fool, I dunno what to believe.I`ll come with a screenshot.

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Lol guys, I got something that may prove the russian isn`t the protagonist.Just check out when you see a guy driving a blue car just look at his hair, it`s blonde(just watch the first 10 seconds of the trailer)!!! And the russian has black hair.I`m not sure but I just hope that is the main-character.Probably I`m wrong but I just hate that russian.

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