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Pictures with children from the GTA 4 trailer.


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The birds in GTA IV will probably be killable, you could shoot the birds in Vice City for an example. Well... We'll see what R* has in mind, personally I wouldn't want any kids or animals.

Its not a matter of is there kids or not, Because there is the trialer shows that and also if they weren't killabel what is the point of having them there. This include animals aswell.

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You could have what there is in Scarface: The World Is Yours where if you try to kill a pedestrian he says stuff like "f*** No" and "I aint goin to hell, f*** that" and you just can't shoot them so we could just have that for the Kids

Yeah I liked scarface because of that, pedestrian speeches was one hour long in San andras but I expect it to be 3 hours long it GTA IV

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But why arent mmorpgs banned then? YOu can kill like 1000 animals in a day there and there was one place where you could kill a kid in Mafia.

I don`t remember killing a kid in Mafia, only a dog.

Yes putting kids in a game like GTA is not a smart decision.

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