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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I just found out JK Rowling is might wright an eighth HP book, to challenge Christopher Tolkien's (Yes, that Tolkien) recent LOTR add-on.

I'm ecstatic! (There is no smily that describes what I'm feeling)

It's going to be more like a guide to the Harry Potter universe than an actual new book I heard. Fills in some blanks I think...

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Good. One less victim.

It was sooo childish, I wouldn't be surprised if the f*cking script was written in crayon.

Anyway, back to the HP series.

The third one was better shot, edited and had much better music sequences than the other three. (Even the fourth.)

And if you really pay attention to the detail, it shows. Again, I think it's because of the changing directors.

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Yeah I know everyone has their own opinion, I was just wondering. Bug didn't look that great, I was only interested in it cause something about the creator or director of the Exorcist was producing or something can't remember. I might rent it when it comes out on DVD but probably not gonna watch it in theaters. I still wanna watch Pirates though. Oh BTW, by the looks of 3 do you think there'll be a 4th one Jezz? Just don't give anything away, I don't wanna know what happens in the movie.

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Yeah, sorry, but I still find you a bit of a jerk-off for your ratings. You go and rate a THIRD movie a 0 when you never saw the second. How the HELL do you expect to enjoy/understand/etc. anything in it if there's a whole movie full of things you didn't see.

I'm sorry, but it pisses me off that you do this, and then people actually take your ratings into consideration.

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thats their problem

and yea

im a jerk off cuz i dont like certain movies

i didnt rate it bad cuz i didnt understand it

once again

i rated it bad cuz it was boring

i talked to other people who saw all of them and still hated it

i dont give a shit about what you think either

im sorry it pisses you off but then again...

what are you gonna do about it?

nothing you can do?

thats what i thought

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Just because you talked to someone who saw all three of them and said that they hated them makes it a bad movie?

I am sorry sir but in order to make a fair judgment of the movie, watch the second one for yourself and make your own judgment of the movie afterwards. If not you are basing your opinion of the movie on the thoughts of other people and the fact that you didn't know what was going on in the story line. Of course three is not going to be that good if you don't watch two. There is a reason you watch movies like that in order. Its called a storyline ... follow it before you judge it.

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i said the reason is i hated pirates 3 is not cuz i didnt see number 2.

then i said even people who did see 2 didnt like 3

no where in there does it say that i based my opinion on what other people said

i dont base my ratings on the storyline.

i base it on whether or not the movie is entertaining.

like ive said 1,000 times

pirates 3 was boring as hell

thats why i gave it a 0

i dont need to see number 2 to find out if 3 is boring or not

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The story line is usually what makes the movie what it is ... without one it would be kind of pointless. Of course the movie will be more boring if you don't know what is going on. It would be like jumping into the last few seasons of a show with a story line like the Sopranos without knowing anything about it. Besides there is much more to rating movies than whether or not it entertains you. To judge a movie you need to take a few more variables into consideration. It is immature to say that a movie sucked just because it did not entertain you.

In order to do what you are doing and to avoid confusion like what is currently going on you should try explaining in a few sentences next to your "review" why you did or did not like the movie, not just that it was boring or something like that.

Have you ever though that you could possibly not fully understand the movie, only people with a certain mindset that you do not have can? Some movies also require a higher level of thinking that you may not have yet. Or a movie may be to childish for you to relate to. After all I am not one to judge how much education you have had and how developed your level of though is yet. But at 15 ... I doubt it is as high as it will be.

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just added knocked up

on sunday, i will have a rating for <i>Mr. Brooks</i>

and keruri

im not even gonna read your whole post cuz i know its just a lecture

do not lecture me on how to rate movies

i am not a critic, i am not a professional rater

im not gonna give movies good ratings if i was bored to death.

and to me, storylines do not make movies interesting. if interesting things do not happen in a movie, then it doesnt entertain me

i can say a movie sucked for any reason i want

how is that immature?

its all my opinion

if a movie doesnt entertain me, thats my opinion.

and same for real critics. thats their opinions

nearly every movie that gets a horrible rating from them, everyone likes

so go yell at them

lots of people agree with my ratings

if you dont, thats your problem

i dont care if you see a movie i hated then tell me it was good

its your opinion, and you shouldnt get mad just cuz i gave a movie that you thought was good a 0

if you dont like it, then get your filth away from my topic

Edited by Jezz Torrent
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My filth? What may that be? My opinion ... just like you have one? Well ... I am sorry then ... you preach about how you can have yours but no one else can state theirs? Forgive me ... I did not know you were the only one allowed to have one on the forum.

I was merely suggesting a way you could stop some of the arguments that are happening in this topic, and perhaps add a little validity to your opinion ... but what do you go and do? Start one with me. Sorry sir ... I had no clue how ignorant self defensive people can be when they are just trying to make themselves look right and invalidate everyone else even if they are, in fact, wrong.

I don't care if you rate movies I like with a zero. I was simply suggesting that you tell us why you rated movies what you did next to your rating. You need to have backup to your claims, that is true with almost everything in life. Without support everything falls.

I am perfectly aware that real critics rate movies with their own opinion, however they at least tell us why they did or did not like it, not just that it sucked or rocked. Also they use a criteria ... hence the word critic, so your only criteria is if it entertained you my all knowing god of opinion ... fine. At least explain why it did or did not fit that criteria.

Quite frankly sir ... you need a lecture on respect and etiquette, however that is not my place. Also if you did not read my entire post then how were you able to comment on all the aspects of it? Let me know, for that is a nice talent sir.

And finally sir ... just because a lot of people agree with your ratings does not make them right. A lot of people agreed with Hitler ... look what happened there.

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I must say, you further prove your utter stupidity, Jezz. Why yes, critics have opinions. Why yes, they do suck a lot of the time. But guess what? Their opinion is not about whether a movie entertained them or not. It's about how good the movie is, as a whole. Plot, acting, effects, believability, score, etc. What is your opinion? "lolz it sukd cuz it didnt entertain me!" Nice way to sound credible.

Now, you say you judge on entertainment value alone, and not the story. Sir, the part of the movie that is suppose to "entertain" you the most is the story. That's the point of the movie. Kind of like books, or tv shows. The point is the story, always. If you want just pointless retardation to make your tiny brain tick, then please stay out of more complex films and leave those ratings to the people who can actually comprehend basic thought process. The visuals are only there to further expand the story, and your understanding of it. It is much easier to decipher between things when there are visuals involved.

One of my biggest things with your ratings is the simple fact that you ONLY "rate". You do not explain why you rated it as such. It didn't entertain you? Great! I'm intrigued now, do tell me WHY. Anyone with half a brain will not acknowledge a "opinion" that has absolutely no backing to it, what-so-ever. People will actually believe your opinion without even knowing why you hold that opinion. This bothers me. At least if you said, "Spiderman 3 sucked to me because I didn't find it entertaining. It wasn't entertaining because I don't really like Spiderman", someone will be able to think, "Well, I DO like Spiderman, so maybe I WILL like Spiderman 3".

As stated before, back up your claims, because without support opinions fall flat. Now, unless you have another "intelligent"((in quotations so you'll able to understand it's sarcasm, I do so hope it entertains you enough for you to pay attention)) thing to say, I suggest you back down.

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i never said it makes my ratings right

an opinions is NEVER right

and stop calling me sir

you didnt suggest telling why i had those opinions until now. at first, you got on my case for giving pirates a 0

and like i said, i am NOT a critic

if you dont agree with my opinion, why argue with me about it.

thats not gonna change my opinion

if you disagree, go see the movie, then come back and say "yea, i thought it was good"

but yelling at me is not gonna change my opinion

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Yeah A LOT of good points which cues in for a BURN!

Like seriously come on dude, she's right you have to give support for your opinions. It's just stupid to say: "Oh this movie bored me so I don't like it" you gotta have more reasons than that. If you don't then what the f*** is the point of reading your ratings if all you say is: "It sucked cause it was boring" or the rare case of "It was great cause it entertained me". Like you haven't said anything that will help people, I found no point of this topic instead of causing many stupid and immature agruements Jezz.

Edit: Burn part was initially for Keruri but now for Spaz too.

Edited by Artur
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