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I ended up liking Oceans 13 a lot more than I thought I would ... To be honest I haven't seen any of the others, but I was at Ocean Walk with a group of friends whom decided to go see it since some of us didn't have our ids to get into hostel 2. It makes me want to go back and watch the first two.

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ratatouille was one of the greatest kids movies ive ever seen

i loved that movie

wu zi mu, all movie ratings are from the raters point of view. even ratings from critics

im sure critics in your area loved it

but all the critics in my area gave it the exact same rating as me if not worse

if you wanna know why i dont like any of the movies ask me and i'll tell you

i hated pirates

i thought it was boring and i liked how in the first one there wasnt any fantasy besides the curse thing

but in pirates 3 there was way too much fantasy and i didnt like that

transformers was OK

it was kind of dumb that they made an adult movie out of a little kid's toy. i hated how the robots were supposed to be these hardcore alien things or whatever, yet they were painted purple and pink and shit like that. and it was dumb how they all talked all weird (You have to see the movie to understand that)

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You DO realize pirates are a fantasy thing now considering how pirates don't exist anymore, right? And I love how just because in your own little beliefs that something is impossible, that automatically means it doesn't exist and can never happen.

And MUST we go over true ratings again? A movie isn't good or bad based on whether you liked it or it made you laugh.

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Now now little ones, must we go back into this argument again?

We all already know that Jezz Torrent does not base his ratings on any criteria and therefore they are not really valid as ratings at all, only as his personal opinions.

He is not going to stop being ignorant about it nor somehow change to a better rating system with explanations and arguing with him will do nothing, as we have already discovered.

We have all been through this, and though I don't personally believe in his ratings and would expect everyone to be smart and go see the movies they wanted to see with little to no consideration to his ratings, this topic is still somewhat good for discussing different new releases.

Anyways ... I thought Transformers was pretty good, waay better than I thought it would be. On the downside it could have done with a bit more fight scenes.

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