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GTA Classics Memorial


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I've noted that everyone is going crazy with the release of GTA:IV, im not saying its bad, but i think we have kinda left behinf the Classi's, the ones that started everything, the games that was just some BMP's, wich everyone loved, the games that was so funny to play because of its story line, so i decided to make this topic, to remind our nice games, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto: London, Grand Theft Auto 2.

They also bring me old memories, so guys, just reply with anything kinda, watcha think about those games and stuff like that

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ok. I rule because i gave an adequate reason why i hate people who hate the original GTA's, and argued that they own all retro games (besides maybe duck hunt, but that's not the point.)

I went on to say that i rule, because of the aformentioned reasons.

After this, i stated 'Bulldog FTW'

The Bulldog was the name of the car that is 'given' or rather 'parked infront of ready to be stolen' to you at the very start of the 1st mission of GTA I - Liberty City's 'Gangsta Bang' 'FTW' denotes 'For the Win' - a common suffix proceeding something that you are in favor of and/or like.

Clear Yet? Comrade? :lol:

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Yeah, when i first tought that, i cryed too


OK!, yeah, i'm guna be playing some Original GTA 2nite hopefully, got some time to myself that's not plagued with revision for exams,. so yeah,hopefully the nostalgia will kick in, and i'll make me some serious posts!

We gotta keep the GTA spirit alive, people.

I don't think that we should forgot those games they are like Adam and Eva fir GTA!

I lol'd... i'm a big atheist, and just appealed to my sense of humour. Great one.


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