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GTA IV Trailer #2 Released!


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Rockstar Games have just released the second official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV!

Grab it from the official site, Yahoo! or YouTube while you can. Direct links to the trailer files including the HD version can be found on our trailers page.

The trailer shows more gameplay and animation; including speech, driving and weapons fire - the characters also appear to have fingers for the first time. Some of the new effects include Niko holding onto the back of a truck, and hanging from the skids of a helicopter. Also, some of the trees in the trailer appear to be brown, another indicator that seasons will play a part. Reflections can also be seen, including in a wing mirror.

Several references to previous GTA games can be seen, including a Binco clothes shop and graffiti of El Burro. A remodelled Stallion can also be seen being driven in the trailer.

All footage in this trailer is captured in real-time on a next generation gaming console, so it is a true indicator of what playing GTA IV will be like. It is running on R.A.G.E. (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) using Euphoria - a fully procedural animation package created by NaturalMotion. As we found out yesterday, the song in this trailer is by New York City based band The Boggs and is titled "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)"

A transcription of the trailer is available on Grand Theft Wiki. You can also discuss this trailer in our forums. A total of 50 screen captures have been uploaded, see them here.

Stay tuned!

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Yahoo is fine, only R* server is down right now.

Just saw it too. a few secs after release.. on the original R* server.

It defenetly looks like there has been some changes. Lots of it though looks like cutscenes.

The view from inside the car getting a few bulletholes in the front window for instance.

And the cellphone most certainly has an importance.

A bit sad that it will be a game of finding your place rather than rising as a mafia boss ( yes i was a bigger fan of VC than SA )

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aah, you guys are stupid enough to try to watch it right now, try like me, watch it after you guys(kidding)

but seriously, i didn't watch it now. the longer i hold, the easier it gets to watch it

i mean the site could be crashes right now, or maybe my connection will be down instantly

either way i'll get pissed off, so i think i'll hold

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Niko goes through a checkpoint, I wonder where is that at?? It looks like the border of Canada (I doubt it)? Looks like there is standoffs also, in the trailer it looks like the police are all over the church and waiting..... I can't wait for this game....

The Video is Great, He is looking for someone, but it doesn't say who? Maybe its Roman??

Theres a Police chase, and the Swat look way better and much realistic, the 1st Bike is there. The cops look way Smarter

10/10 Video

the Video is running great, I watch it at 11:59am EST

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