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^ I hope so, even if Rockstar are taking a more realistic path, I still want to dress up in a clown suit, with the glasses-nose-moustache combination that makes you look like Groucho Marx, slapping people to death with a dildo. Actually, maybe not that far. But flying car cheats, invisible cars cheats, and any other interesting ones I would like.

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There ain't a topic about what cheats will be in the game but there is a topic whether you will use cheats or not.

Most of the cheats will be the same but I expect some funny ones and also ones that make the game easier ie never getting hungry if you have to eat.

Actually yes there is because I posted one about cheats a while back...

Here it is:


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yeah, there's no fun cheating while you still hasn't complete the game

no cheat for me, since it disable achevements and screw up save game

but who knows, maybe there'll be some funny one, it doesn't matter wether the game is realistic or not, cheats are for fun, and for losers who doesn't have time for a walktrough book :P

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