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GTA 5 ideas

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Wow, it way early to think about that. We haven't even seen what GTA IV can do and you are thinking about GTA 5?

I think they are going to keep the GTA IV engine for least another game. So GTA 5 will be in 5 years after GTA IV.

The ideas we are going to come up will be exactly the same as the ones in the GTA IV wishlist.

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I agree, this is as too early to talk about as some topics about the PS4. There's likely to be a GTA IV trilogy like the GTA III trilogy so what's the sense in talking about GTA V at this time?

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They should bring the gang features (respect, recruiting, territory, gang wars, etc...) back from GTA SA, but make it a bit better.

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Turn it more REAL !

After finishing all the missions i get bored, and i stop playing the game, it happened to me with all the GTA games, after a period of time you loose interest in it.

Make a single player version, and an online version with no bots !

Al the jobs in the city should be occupied by players. When you join the server you should have the capability to create your own character, it would be really cool, if all the characters would be unic. No two characters looking the same.

Create a easy way for players in game to communicate, i think it would be more easier if the would communicate by voice, and some how for example if your talking to some one and there is a person 35 meter from you that person would not be capable to hear what your talking, only if the person come's near you. Like 5 or 10 meters from you.

There are so many possibilities, i just wrote a couple of them which interested me the most. With the technology in our day, and in a couple of years i think this would be possible, maybe with the PlayStation 4 ! =) :lol:

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My suggestions for GTA V:

Keep the existing subway system and include a working bus system to help get around the city.

Reintroduce the ability to fly planes and helicopters to different locations.

Include a ferry service.

Reintroduce the ability to own assets and safehouses.

Reintroduce player-interactive casinos.

Make the following avaliable to do in-game: Pool, Darts, Airhockey, arm wrestling, QUB3D, Bowling, Eating, Drinking.

Make the police attack and arrest everybody who commits a crime, not just the player.

The ability to pick up anything to throw at people, use as a shield and/or use as a weapon.

Include a large scale gang war, large scale shootout and/or large scale riot in the game's storyline.

Keep and use the GTA IV Era search Radius.

Make it a mix between Over-The-Top gameplay and realistic gameplay. Get the right combination, the game will be the best ever created.

The ability to rob houses and shops

Make it so that you can only obtain a wanted level if you commit crimes in sight of police.

Lots of different clothing

Lost of customisation options

Include the following stats: Respect, weapon skill, stamina muscle, fat, sex appeal, lung capacity.

Include a "Criminal rating" and "Media level" stat in the stats menu.

Autosave ability included.

E-mail and social networking sites and chatrooms.

Shooting Ranges.

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