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Yo momma's sooooo fat...


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Heres one i made up by myself!

Yo momma so hairy,you need a map to get through her!! :lolbounce::lolbounce:

Another one!

Yo momma so hairy,the only language she knows is "Wookie"

(star wars fans will get this one!)

Yo momma so fat,Fat Bastard(from austin powers) said DAAAAAAAMN!!!

(another star wars joke)

Yo momma so stupid she thought Jar-Jar came with pickles-pickles!

Yo momma so fat,the earth doesnt orbit the sun....IT ORBITS HER!!!!!!

(another star wars joke)

Yo momma so fat,Obi-Wan kenobi said "Thats no moon,Thats YO MOMMA!!"

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