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Call of duty 4


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Lol, i actually survived that on vet, all you do is plant claymore from the direction you came from, like when you come through the building then you see the ferris wheel, turn around there there should be a alley way, plant a few claymores around there, then go put the dude down and then plant them towards the radioactive area then lay down on the ferris wheel

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Call of Duty 4 > Halo 3

The online play kicks ass!

Online is pretty good, but everyone is saying this game is amazing. I think it's good, but I don't see why everyone thinks it's so amazing!

EDIT: I was just playing online(Dec 1, 12:30AM) with this one guy called "rajj" and pretty much every match he won some how, no matter how many odds were against him. The last match I played with him, he was beating me 40 to 35 and in the last 5 seconds I killed someone, which raised my points to 40 to take the lead(since I had less deaths than him) and the last .77 seconds he shot someone else and won with 45 points. I was extremely shocked, I thought I had the game won.

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well, i just beat call of duty 4, very nice graphics, effects are awsome, but i thought the storyline was stupid, russians taking nukes and trying to blow up the USA east coast.

so im going to record and upload every single mission, there not long...there's just like 5/6 missions

Extra mission 1

Is that on easy or something? I noticed you just charged in and surveved many shots. Try Mile High Club on Veteran - you got one minute to kill 30 guys and about two hits kill you.

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I never played a COD game before so I just went with veteran

^^That's for me, just it was COD2.

Veteran isn't a very big deal, if you can play on hard you shouldn't have much trouble with veteran, just you have to be patient and stay cool. Meh, for me you can play shooters on hard(est) or don't play at all B)

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