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Like a Spaz protégé

Genocide protégé, bitch.

Avatar - 10/10 the blank simplicity is simply unmatchable

Signature - 1/10 that stupid conversation hurts my brain, and the CS guy taking a shit is poorly photoshopped. RAWR.

Personality - liek teh uber shiznit. I think of him as a son...and spank him every night.

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[offtopic]Erm gtalondon isn't actually doing anything and what it did release (I think I'm right in saying) was already released and most of it discarded versions by stm, not that I'm saying its a bad cause, I think a london mod would kick off tons of support if it had the right staffa and backing[/offtopic]

Least I don't have to comment on xenon :P

Av: 5/10 its a preset avatar

Sig: 7/10 pretty nice though I must admit I never understood the realtionship between the arr and those images on their sigs

Per: 8/10 Seems good hasn't got on the wrong side of anyone to my knowledge, just what the forums need.

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A'ight mvi, is that your way of saying you want to take over the London mod? Notice the whole v0.1 BETA surrounding the London releases, which was just really to try out some methods of doing things, such as what people like, what people cba with, what bugs people notice, and README's for the mods so people find it easy to install with zero modding experience. People found installation hard, didnt understand archives, loved the British roads, loved the british cars, loved the ideas of british street accessories etc, but weren't that bothered about familiar brands it seems. So yea gtaL v0.1b was an arsing around really, but hey it had a few nice things in, not meant to be a TC at that stage. If people didnt keep switching from mod to mod, jumping from London to Trinity to whatever else you did, or London to La Casinina to GTAGB, just isn't good. I recommend you find a project you like, make sure its worth it, and stick with it. (says he)

Av: Would be better in a larger size, bigger and cropped would work well, either that or incorporate it into a sig

Sig: Its Pingu, what can I say. Did I miss a joke or something?

Pers: Well I can't describe mvi without using the word arrogant, but he could be a pretty funky dude if he didnt have his head up his own ass half the time - no offense, just when you were working in the London mod you kinda tried to take over and do everything your way. So yea personal reasons, thats all. Not saying i'm perfect either - i dont have to... :mellow:

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av 7/10

9/10 its cool

per cool guy helped me when i first came to the fourms

this is what happens when you do drugs :w00t: you feel real good : you get pissed off for no reson and hurt others and your self :jumpon::bashhead: cry for what you did :cry: throw up cuz you did a lil too much :sick::zZZ: then you go to sleep

good night kiddies

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@xenon no I didn't say I want to take over the London mod, I really haven't got time for any projects these days, all I want is to see it under decent management which I'm sure if you were to say put a notice on gtaforums there'd be plenty of people interested

his head up his own ass half the time - no offense
How exactly can you say that and no offense? Doesn't work.

Moving on.

Avatar: 6/10

Sig 7/10 It's tommy in the stereotypical whole gun firing thing, gotta give that high marks because I love vice so much. When you end a tag use [/color].

Personality: Most active in the forum games but seems to be a nice enough person

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