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[SA]Ghost's Stunt Vids


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Well during my long spell of inactivity on these forums I made alot of stunt vids that I didn't post, so now I am going to post them all in this topic.

[sA-MP] Ghost's Multi Vid 2

I got bored, and I had a few mins spare so I decided to put together all my SA-MP clips that looked a bit weird or groovy into a vid. I did the editing in 20/30 mins so its really nothing special.

Filefront (Including Streaming) Link

Gaps In Reality

Basically I got bored one day and put all my leftover reps together to make a video. I just really wanted to edit a video for fun. I tried to be different and use a different style of song for the vid, I hope it worked out.

Oh and for those of you who wonder what the names of the 2 parts mean:

Chronos - Greek god of eternal time. ( Part 1 stunts I did a long time ago.)

Icarus - A man from greek mythology who made wings out of wax, and became too fascinated by flying that he flew too close to the sun. The sun then melted the wax and he fell from the sky. ( I thought it kinda fitted with the song.)

Edit: the stunt at 05:18 is Godfather's I just forgot to put his nametag on :P


Stunter :










Ghost (Guest)

5mbs .wmv 1028x800


Streaming :

Reign - A 24 Hour Stunt Video

Here it is, a small 24 H collab. Also this is my first timelimit video :) NyZe was supposed to be in this but he sent me stunts from July and October...


  • Ghost
  • Kallesex
  • The Only One
  • Tidis
  • Snowman

Links (Note that the .mkv will require a fairly high end PC and this codec pack)

204 mb .mkv @ filefront

100 mb mq/hq .wmv @ filefactory

Youtube Link

Edited by Ghost
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Ha, you got my attention. I'll watch these later.... they actually any good though? You better not be shit. :)

Don't you remember me Chris? You will not be dissapointed sir ;)

I will be disappointed if you dont win any stunting award.

Will Dload them later.Having exams and sitting on PC is limited :(

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