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>>GTA4 Wishlist<<


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Eh? Speeds post is just find, only like to typos, and they we're spelling mistakes. Fixed anyway.

Just to make it clear too, Chris is not really that worried about spelling on the forums, we're trying to make this place as relaxed as possible. Not that it hurts to fix some posts that have words that just don't make any sense.

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Sorry about how much i'm posting, I don't think i'm psamming...am I? I'll try slow it down a bit only trying to get active. (would have quoted but the quote thing is screwing up for me)

Also I think bike tricks would be cool like you could do grinds and air tricks with certain button combos and stuff instead of having to just spin around using the joystick.

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Sorry about how much i'm posting, I don't think i'm psamming...am I? I'll try slow it down a bit only trying to get active. (would have quoted but the quote thing is screwing up for me)

It's fine, I haven't seen one of your posts that have been any smaller then several lines yet.

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I think this thing has been said before ,if not here on other site:

When you jump into the water I think the player must come out of the water with he`s clothes wett(the same thing when it`s raining,the clothes willl be dry in 5 minutes (5 GTA hours),I meen in GTA San Andreas the clothes were the same in water as on land .....Also the water should be better than in Alan wake ,if it`s possibile.......Here`s a question :What if R* give us the first GTA info when it`s April`s Fools ,will that be a complete mess? :)

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My wishlist is seperated into 2 sections, A bit over the top, and Reasonable suggestions

Over the top(But would be damn awesome if it happened)

1. Spend time in jail, bust out, etc, don't make it boring though.

2. Killing animals and children, because honestly, it wasn't that big of a deal when you saw a childs corpse riddled with bullets in Police Quest 4?

3. A gun customization feature, which doesn't suck.(Very rare in a good game)

4. Being able to to play decent Multiplayer missions, Going in buildings in MP, Etc.

5. Find a way to keep little kids away from this crap.

Reasonable suggestions

1. Making older characters look bad(IE: Tommy and Rosenberg end up lovers or something, CJ is a junkie, Claude's got a voice that does more than explain why he never talked, etc.)

2. A futuristic Setting.

3. Go all GTA 1 and make more than one city available(If Driv3r could do multiple cities, why not show them how making a good game is done)

4. Custom Character(Godfather did it).

5. Make the maps a decent size, like, not f***ing huge, but not small either.

6. A fighting syndicate

7. A story where you actually feel something, like, get the player attached to one character, then do something tragic later in the game, like kill the character.

8. Remake GTA Advance, The story was good in it's own way(See above, you kinda feel something when Vinnie dies, IMO), but top down GTA is not as appreciated as the new age stuff.

9. If you're thinking Europe, Try Sicily.

10. Two words: Tommy Gun.

11. A taunt button, I always wanted stick my hand out the window and flip the bird to a cop, or shout violent threats.

12. Drug abuse, I mean outside of missions, I mean the mission: "Boomshine Saigon" is saved at that point on my PS2 Memory card so I can do that over and over again, Also have side effects to the drugs that are actually a plus(IE: A heavy punch after doing a load of spank), give us reason to get a drug problem.

13. Game that take longer to beat, like the good ol' days.

14. Lay off on the arcade Games, Waste of valuable space.

15. Dual Wielding Desert Eagles and Silenced Pistols(Hell you can do that on current-gen tech)

16. The ultimate weapon: A Chainsaw, with a dildo replacing the blade, Just sounds too funny.

17. M60, Bazooka and Chaingun can Auto aim

18. Fire sniper rifles without aiming, Just to see if they'd do it.

19. Excecution Moves or Disarms

20. Don't hide anymore cool shops(IE: The tattoo shop which could only be found through the Heaven/Hell glitch in san andreas, That shop carried some nice tats)

21. More Customizable Clothes(IE: Being able to Change Colors and Patterns on shirts/coats/pants like in godfather)

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I really like the idea about wet clothes, also I think if you get shot you should start to bleed, and your clothes would be town, and body armour should be seen and it would be beat up looking. Also if you have no shirt you should see body armour. I also raelly want cars to hold 5 people and vheicles like burritos to hold 8, not everyone could should but you could drive 8 people.

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Right I hate when it`s a car that has 5 seats and only 2 doors in previous GTAs it could carry only 2 persons even if it has 2-3 left in backseat.....Hopefully in GTA 4 the passagers will take a seat in backseat first and then the remaining front-seat ,and when they want to leave the car the passager in the front-seat will leave the car and other will push the seat and they`ll leave the car ,and if someone wants to stay it`ll stay in front-seat..Sorry if you don`t understand what I mean but I`m in a hurry....What do you think ?Also being able to recruit 20-25 members and they`ll steal a car and follow you or you could take a bus to have them aall in .....

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I'm not sure if this have ever been mentioned but, I would like to be able to create my own character. I know this isn't EA but

like in Tiger Woods, how they go in depth about creating your own. :thumbsup: hopfully this has already been talked about,

because it's prolly too late for this now. :bashhead:

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Fly into space by using a plane! :lolbounce:

Keep the jetpack, as it is our god :innocent:

First person view added

Real sound effects!

... you know... more cheats!

Phone anyone (also means multiplayer and online play Xd!)

Get a haircut!

More kinds of swords and different fighting syles! :bashhead:

Multi-rocket launcher!

Eat food and carry it around, invite homies to your house, and keep CJ !


btw, f*** ATARI what they did to driver, ( i know its the wrong topic...)

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Flying into space would make no sense at all. You can't fly a normal plane into space they need air to fly, no air in space. The rest of the ideas are cool. I want invasions on your territories to be like house party and your gang members are scrambling to defend without you and enemy gang members come everywhere instead of cluster in the middle of street.

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I want my character to be the boss in my gang ,and more inproved control of the gang (not just <<Follow Me>>and<<Stay>>-they are not dogs,they`re humans...),say to them :You cover me,you follow,you to stay here and warn us if something happens,you three in front of us......More control over the gang is what I want ,just like SWAT teams.....:)

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Nice Idea B-Boy! That would be really cool.

I want to see Gang AI greatly improved. In San Andreas our grove street allies wouldnt help you a great deal in gang wars, they would just stay standing on the sidewalk smoking and drinking. In GTA 4 I would like to see gangsters that intimidate there rival's, maybe something like squaring up to one another, before breaking out into a brawl and eventually drawing out a shootout. Ill use an example from San Andreas again : Ballas and Grove Street families were supposed to really REALLY hate each other. If the same hate was to be portrayed again in GTA 4, I would like to see your gang allies ask you if you would like to accompany them on running up into enemy turf, or maybe even ask you to help them defend your turf from an enemy attack. The possabilities are endless!

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so many new people here... wow....

but okay. the handling file for cars should be changed to a more realistic size to wieght ratio and have different wieghts and different parts of the car. also the handling file shouldnt be coded just for anything, it should contribute with what the car is like, and no matter what you put in, it will still drive, just wierdly.

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Have you played The Godfather, Wu-zi? That gives you a brief taster of what GTA would be like in the 1920's. Veichle's wouldnt be very varied, I dont think there would be any radio, and there wouldnt be as much possabilities as there would be in a more modern setting.

I agree with you Tyla.but the action in The Godfather takes place between 1945-1955......not 1920`s

Present day is the best choice for GTA4

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Posting this on behalf of wolverine who, by the looks of it, accidentally reported a post instead of replying:

Here are some of the things i would like to see in the future gta.

-Realistic player movements. More feeling.

-Add Horses. You should be able to ride em like a vehical.

-When doing a drive-by a small crosshair should apear.

-add more variety of peds.

-Peds should by more aware,like when the player killls a ped , the other should run to a nearby cop and complain.

-The newspaper idea was cool.

-You should be able to build your own home. Buy a land,then find a contract builder to come and build it. Should be able to choose your custom house.

-If dont want the house. You cant put an add in the paper with your phone number and a AI buyer will call you and say he wants it.

-Add Real Car Models and not like Voodoo or Washington.

-The ability to swim.

-Pick up any object pickable. Bottle,Plank,Bricks,Pipes etc.

-Make the game like Vice city, u know, with more colour and brightness, and add an ocean.

-When you buy cloathes a menu should appear, SEND TO HOUSE and you could sent it to nany of your house.

When you go the house,it will appear in your wardrobe.

-You have a customising weapon arrangement. like the key 1 will dispaly all melle weapons collected and you can select your fave to be the active weapon.

-Free Roam.

-Abillity to communicate with AI peds,cops etc with pre recorded messages like "Where is the nearest police station" and the ped will reply"In Little Havana" or some thing like that.

-When you attack a ped with fist it shouldnt kill them but they should fall uncosious with arealistic animation like you see them stiring slight until the ambulance comes.

-Shootong in the arms and legs should not kill ped. One shot to kill int the head. About to two in the cheast to kill(depending on hte weapons)

-Add more realistic palnts and foilage(no like in VC where its just flat)

-Abillity to climb branched trees and snipe peds.

-Should be able to cut trees to bock roads. Cut hedges to clear your way.

-Should be able to explode house and should apear on your statsl like HOUSES EXPLODED:12.

To explode a house you could break in through the window or kill its owner and plant a bomb with a custom time limit. Then clear the house and when it explodes you get cash, cop trouble and fire fighters should come.

-Ability to enter atleast 80% of the buildings. Like those hotels by the beach in vice city. You could have enter building button and go to the counter an book a hotel room temporary where you can save your game if you have less cash to buy a home.

-Add two bars of health. 1 for Life and 2 for stamina. When you sprint the bar should reduce and the only way for it to increase is to sit down (new feature could be added) or eat.

-After you eat about 6 hours later a message should apper that the player needs to visit the bathroom.This feature could be stopped by code (NEVERGOPOTY)

-Cars should have a digital spedometer and a fuel limit. When the gas has finished your car runs slowly, so your can visit the nearest petrols staion.

-Add feature like when you drive over ped the car should bump slant like going over a real body.

-If you are to far frome gas staion, you could call a tow truck with your phone. Same if your hungry you could order pizza to your house or to the place your standing.

-The pause menu should include a customise phone function where you could add new phone numbers. If you dont know the pizza hotline you could find it out thru an ad or banner.

-Ability to ride as a passenger in a cab. a new button shift+enter, or some thing and you enter the back of the cab and a menu aperas DESTINATION and list of availavble places apper like LITTLE HAVANA or DOWNTOWN.

-Do more stuff with dead ped bodies.Like in hitman, should be able to drag the body behing a bush or into the trunk of the car. You could go to desolate plaec with shovel and dig up a grave and dump the body to reduce wanted levels.

-Side line missions with the hearse,plane. or you could become a tourist when you enter a minibus or something like that.

-Car damage should be realistic.If a car flips it should not explode at once. The petrol should flow out and it shoul catch on fire. Then It can explode.

-Add a cinema with aleast to real movies.

-New feature should be a portable MP3 player with the player.

Instead of the one in the car you could add custom songs to a folder and listen to it while walking around. To buy an mp3 you could visit a Music showroom and purchase it.

-Visit hospital to replenshish your health when it falls.

-You could add dogs like when you attemp to enter private property a dog could come and try to geive you rabies(Visit hospital to cure).

- If u have no cash to by a phone you could use a pay phone on the street.

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A wingsuit would be nice cause the standard base jumping can get boring after a while....also acrobatic's would add a nice feature! Better animation's for the parachute,the PS2 animation for the chute was pretty accurate but the PC version was static as......well it was static :rolleyes: .More interaction with Peds is the best idea,bum fights,happy slapping,mugging's,beating's,robbing's etc etc etc.Also some kind of human sheild thing would be sweet.Your gettin your butt whipped by the FBI or summit and you grab a passer by as a sheild or hostage!Someone suggested horses .....now that is a cool idea! The animation's in GUN were pretty sweet(although it was quite a shit game)and would look awesome in the GTA4.Scuba gear would be cool.You could go diving for pearls and shit......flippers and a snorkle also.Some kind of Demolition/Rebuild function would be nice.Once you got the cash you could buy a building demolish the bastard and build a huge Petronas Tower style building...or somethin smaller whatever suit's.Business's should be able to expand and grow into multinational's so you can earn million's and become the next Bill Gate's!!(was gona say Trump but he's a twat :thumbsdown: ) MISSIONS TO THE MOON.............why didnt i think of that before ,dam that would be sweet...maybe you could get NASA involved................. :bashhead: i'm takin this shit a bit far now so i think i'll give up :lolbounce:

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^ you have the coolest sig sasquatch

i think people on here should play the game "Just Cause" and compare it to GTA. i dont really like the sound of them using a totally new engine, cuz it could go wrong like in Just Cause. JC is GTA with better graphics better guns better physics better everything. but the game gets boring after 5 minutes. and SA never gets boring, ever.

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