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I have another idea. You play the part of a bitter protagonist called Cuthbert, and the carnage begins at 8.30 on a Monday. Gameplay will be in real-time and with highly detailed missions. Like previous GTA games, you are not able to access certain areas, such as outside your house, until completing certain objectives, like making some toast and brushing your teeth.

You will get to experience open environments across large urban landscapes - this is what you have to walk across because you can't afford a car. When you do arrive at your place of work, engage in an exciting minigame in which you have to perform 100 successful marketing calls - get pressing those buttons over and over again if you want to pass!

When you complete this task at around 7pm and return home, perhaps on a bicycle you have negotiated some interest free finance for, a wealth of exciting opportunities is presented to you, such as the secret 'fill out a tax return' game, or having to pay the gas bill via the engaging and innovative telephone system! Soon your character finds himself tired and even exhibits realistic and accurately modeled clinical depression, and goes to bed. Don't worry though - stick around for six hours or so, and the fun begins again!

Grand Theft Average - coming October 16th!

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I'm not sure about the brushing your teeth thing. GTA isn't realistic and that's what makes it great. Also why buy cars on a daily basis when you can just steal one? This is Grand Theft Auto. Only special vehicles should be bought.

I really, really hope - for your sake - you didn't read that properly! :blink:

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I'm not sure about the brushing your teeth thing. GTA isn't realistic and that's what makes it great. Also why buy cars on a daily basis when you can just steal one? This is Grand Theft Auto. Only special vehicles should be bought.

I really, really hope - for your sake - you didn't read that properly! :blink:

What did you mean then?

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If I must spell it out, I'll spell it out.

I don't really think toast and tax returns would make a good game. I don't really want to see a title called 'Grand Theft Average'. I don't really want this level of realism because reality is, for the most part, dull.

I was - I thought quite obviously - taking the piss.

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i would like to see more weapons and mores things to do and call people on the game takea shower fill up your gas tank getting it fix have a driver liensce to drive aroud drink. cops pull up over asks for liens :dribble: ons

sorry about before.

The things i would like to see is more weapons to choose from. More cars to choose from. Cops pull your for driving too fast or too slow or running a red light or surving. Or pulling your gun out on cops to get asserted. Get to Drink. Make it for Pc first. Alot a people want it first for Pc. Get to take showers, getting a job. keeping girlfriends. Little cheats codes. Realistc spee. First person Veiwwhile drive dash board veiw or get in the back seat to do drive-bys. More things to do. More 4 wheeling palces. first person veiw or chang it to third pesron veiw. Have gas in gas tanks. Get your car fix or buy cars at cars dealers. more misoins and etc....

Thank Neil Snyder :coolthumbup::lolbounce::innocent::dribble::worship:

Well all I can say is that I am just surprised there has nto been anymore fake screenshots yet. Im very surprised, this time a couple a years ago san andreas fake screenshots were really going around. Anyway why would you want to walk in gta4. GRAND THEFT AUTO means stealing a car basically.

you can still buy car and work for the car and the cops are more sticrter and more alert and it will e easyer to buy a car.

Well, some of my ideas have been written before, but I post them anyway.

-Missions in Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas and London(?). You would need to take planes (or cruise ships) like in SA to get there (or fly for ten hours)

-Free roam around all of the cities. Visit old memories in Liberty and Vice City, or take a look at the entire state of San Andreas.

-Cameo appearances. Meet Tommy Vercetti and do jobs for him, give Joey Leone a hand rebuilding the Mafia, team up with CJ to handle some s***, and work for lots of new persons

-Build up your own gang. With the ability to "create" the look of your gang and their wheels. Create companies like a cruise ship firm, build casinos and fronts for your criminal organisation.

-Deal with armored equipment using Rocket Launchers, Miniguns, M60s and Grenade Launchers, or by really big stationary guns like the ones on a warship anchored nearby or the AA-guns on the military bases.

yeah like my idea on creating your own hoods or gangs

just anothere idea that's came to me that if it was to be a mafia game i would like it to be the 1920's sort of mafia like gangsters who extort people and blow up the courtroom and stuff like that it would be awsome

it would be boarding to go back in time like godfather sucky cars, weapons and missons

buying cars would be class just like in scarface you can call your henchman and he delivers your car. This would be a great feature if it was included.

thats right thats what ilike but not for ps3 first Just pc version first

Actually purchasing cars, wouldn't be a bad idea.

Should be able to purchase bikes, planes, boats etc too, but must be exclusive to the shops.

Would be cool to own a car

thats the right idea

I'd like a speedometer. I don't know why some people don't like it but I think it should be optional.

i think thats a great idea for the new game

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well after reciving scarface colectors edition for christmas i love the idea of having to put dirty money in the bank it should be in the game

i gotta to agree with you with that

i tony f**king Scarface Montana

by neil snyder

Do things right instead of doing wrong way. Take your time with life and enjoy it :-)

by neil snyder

you need to be nice instead of bitching a lot about everyones idea. Make your ideas own up. By the way the SPEEDOMETER. Speedometer sounds goods in the law you need to watch you speed

I think the car will ot blow up it will not run or move around when damage is max.

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I know this has been said (and I probably said it in my earlier posts, but can't remember)

I would like it if the next GTA game had a branching storyline and a immersive huge adventure-like setting and it would take place after the events of GTA 3, in mid-2000's or late 2000's (2003-2010)

You would start out in the new city (perhaps Carcer city?) and as you progress in the game, you can choose to go Liberty City, Vice City or any of the San Andreas cities via the Airports.

Also, you should be able to choose which gang/mob you join up with in the middle of the gang.

You should be able to choose join:

The Leone Family Mafia: which is now ran by Joey Leone after the death of his father by hands of Claude, you must help the Leone mafia regain their grip on Liberty City and then expand elsewhere (Leone's takeover of Carcer City, San Andreas and Vice City :coolthumbup: )

San Andreas mob: (a collaberation between the Grove Street Gang and Fog Mountain Triads) since 1992, they've had control over many parts of San Andreas. You must gain their trust by doing missions for them and then help them take over LC, VC and CC)

The Vercetti mafia: Tommy Vercetti is an aged man, and he wants someone worthy of taking over his business empire (Tommy Vercetti's + Vic Vance's) business empire and mafia on Vice city before he passes away. Once he passes away in a really tragic cutscene in a mission where you have to take him to a hospital and hands over control of his empire too you, you must expand Vercetti's and Vance's legacy to places like San Andreas, Liberty City and Carcer City.

Or you can work undercover with the government and secret service, with Mike Toreno giving you orders, he will ask you to go around the country and assassinate people such as Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani, Wu Zi Mu, Carl Johnson Ceasar Vialpando and Tommy Vercetti, ext you will not get any starting businesses (you will have to get your first business by fighting while not on a mission) but Government agent missions will pay you very generously compared to Mafia missions.

Or you can be completely independent and start up your own crime family, your mob will start out weak, armed with only their fists, melee weapons and few pistols and your members will wear plain T-shirts and jeans, and they will drive cheap cars and bicycles, but once you progress in the game and make more money, you can upgrade your gang's weapons, threads and cars/motorcycles. Also, as you go around the country, you can increase your gang sides by gathering splinter gangs (gangs displaced by protagonists in earlier games.) you can gather support from people like the SA Ballas, Vagos, Da Nang boys, Rifas, VC Haitians, Cubans, Street Wannabes/Sharks, Bikers or LC Diablos, Triads, Yardies, Hoods to give support to your custom gang and help you fight "gang empires" (eg. Vercetti Gang, Leone Family, Yakuza, SA Mob) thus helping you gain control of cities, it wouldn't be wise to underestimate smaller gangs. You would gain support from gangs by doing missions for each of their leaders. If you own your own gang, you will have to start from scratch (just as you would if you were working for Toreno) with your nation-wide criminal empire.

You could start out running a localized small time group of thugs armed with nothing but pocket knives, baseball bats and cheap pistols, ext while your gang members drive old cheap cars and bicycles and wear hand-me-down clothes and rags. Then you work yourself up to running a nation-wide paramilitary/militia force armed with heat-seeking missile launchers, M4s and SPAS shotguns while your gang members drive around in Patriot Hummers and Barracks trucks while weaing military camouflage.

Plus....I don't the big deal behind speedometers....

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nice ideas dr. sil. yes speedometers dont even matter in this game, its not a racing game at all.

Well, you might have racing missions on GTA games, even on those you don't really need a speedometer. In fact, I find that speedometers decrease my performance on racing games as they obstruct my view or distract me from keeping the eyes on the road, thus making me crash into a wall or another car.

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1)Location:London+4 other cities from England(MAnchester,Liverpool.....)


2)Character-I don`t care if it`s white,black.....

-capabilities: drink,take drugs,use any object as a weapon(pick a bottle and hit someone with it,energy bar,bullet time,be wet when I exit from a lake,sea,river,hair growth,climb ladders for God`s sake

3)Guns: -more guns,I want to be realistic shooting like when you fire there should be recull(or something like that)that affects the crosshair and the most important gun customization(add a silencer,flashlight,infrared thing),shoot from the vehicle

4)Cops: -improved AI,beeing able to give you fines,warnings..not just shoot you from a minor thing

- when you have * warning,fine

**cops will try to bust you

*** cops will shoot you with rubber-bullets(or something like that) to neutralize you and then bust you

****cops will shoot seriously and trying to kill you,SWAT teams,FBI cars will arrive and try to stop you

***** tanks will arrive,police airoplanes like F16 or something like that and shoot rockets at you

******MOST WANTED: Everyone will try to stop you ,roadblocks,helis,planes,tanks,peds will do everything to stop you

5)Peds: -peds will not just walk they will read,play football,basketball,volleyball in the park,surf in the sea,scubadiving ,have a submarine,but foods from fast-food

-ragdoll physics,realistic damage(shoot someone`s leg then the leg should have a hole and blood will cirvcle the wouwnd

6)Vehicles:more vehicles and they need to have:speed-o-meter,fuel and REALISTIC damage(wheels,windows,doors should fall, the engine should be crushed

7)Missions:I don`t care

Thats all for now but I will think at other things later!

Sorry if I didn`t wrote correct some words please excuse me!

Please reply/qoute my ideas!please,please,please!

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