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GTA IV HUD Revealed


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The GTA IV HUD has been revealed in two photos appearing in the latest issue of the Australian edition of ZOO magazine. The photos below show it to be pretty minimal, only the radar seems to show permanently - we imagine wanted stars will only appear when you've actually got some, and weapons will only display when they're being changed. The two semi-circles around the radar are for health and armour. Click the thumbnails below for the full size images.

gta-iv-hud-zoo-au-1_th.jpg gta-iv-hud-zoo-au-2_th.jpg

Thanks to Amunication for posting these.

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70% of the fourth trailer was in-game footage, there was just no HUD visible and the cameras were being controller by R*.

But of course, these are in-game, you don't see HUDs in cut-scenes in any game.

Oh, ok - here's me thinking this was something special. You see, I thought R* were not gonna release in-game footage till near the launch. It looks good, doesn't it? Wow, here's me thinking that all of the latest trailer was cut scenes and movie screens. But wait, didn't someone say that the latest trailer wouldn't include in-game footage?

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I like the new HUD system but im not sure what to say about the health and armour system, always been used to have it up in the right corner of the screen, but I guess I'll get used to it. And the HUD is very good detailed. And the rest of the picture looks quite good I must say.

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My only concern is not being able to see your weapons. I hope I can view how much ammo I have and what weapon is equipped but not just so when you select it appears then fades, I'd rather it stayed there or when your using it anyway.

Maybe they just decided to switch it off to see more of liberty?

You could do it in other GTA 's so it would be a possibility.

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